Top 5 Music Apps that Take the Party Mood to the Next Level

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Hosting a small party this weekend? How about hiring a professional DJ? Well, if he’s too good, get ready to lighten up your pocket. The DJ might cost you a bit too much. So, why not become a DJ yourself?

All you need is a decent smartphone packed with some good music and a bunch of apps. “Now, how is that making up a party”, you might probably ask. Numerous apps are now available that let you play and manage your music playlist. Moreover, a few even go to an extent of turning you into a professional DJ.

So, here is a list of top 5 Music Apps that are sure to take your party mood to the next level.

My Playlist Maker

my playlist maker @TheRoyaleIndia

Done loading your phone with your favourite party music? It’s time to create a playlist. Of course, you do have an inbuilt app that lets you do that, but there’s not much you can do to customize the playlist.

My Playlist Maker lets you generate and manage separate playlists for every folder on your device containing music files just with a press of a single button. If there are too many folders and sub-folders containing music lying in your SD card, My Playlist Maker can turn them all into playlists.

Shuttle Music Player

shuttle music player @TheRoyaleIndia

To be honest, that default music player does great when it comes to playing music. You may probably not need another music player app. But, what’s wrong if you do, especially when the app is all packed up with some promising features?

Shuttle is a lightweight app and has a very user-friendly interface as opposed to players that comes with tons of settings and customizations. Some of the features included are a sleep timer, multiple theme options, built-in equalizer and gapless playback to name a few.


songza @TheRoyaleIndia

Couldn’t find the right music for the party? Songza can help you out. With thousands of playlist available, Songza is capable of playing you the right music at the right time. Moreover, it also contains a music concierge service that lets you find the most appropriate music that suits your taste.

DJ Studio 5

DJ studio 5 @TheRoyaleIndia

Finally, it’s your turn to be a DJ. The DJStudio 5 is a powerful virtual turntable that lets you mix, remix, loop and scratch music just like a real DJ does. Interestingly, the app is free with no limitation on usage.


edjing @TheRoyaleIndia

If for some reason, the DJ Studio 5 was not quite able to make you happy, try out Edjing, a DJ app that features a smart music library with a global search. You get to create your own mixes and then share them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. According to Techcrunch, Edjing is the only multi-platform track-mixing app currently in the market.

Partying the traditional way with enormous music systems is so out of fashion. At least few will agree to the fact. A phone music party with a few friends is all it takes to make your Friday night exciting. And guess what? Make sure you won’t find your neighbour knocking on your door telling you to turn down the volume.

So, don’t forget to load your device with some of the best party tracks. Install the above listed apps onto your phone, and that is it. You are covered.

All you need to do now is call up your friends and tell them you are hosting a party this weekend and it’s not in a pub. Preparing for a party was never so easy, isn’t it?

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