Top 5 Ganpati Mandals to see in Mumbai

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The Ganeshotsav or Ganpati festival is synonymous to the vivacity that characterises Mumbai city.  The spirit and energy around the city at the time of the festival marking the birthday of the favoured God is palpable as Mumbaikars of all faiths and races gear up to celebrate their favourite festival. The whole city comes alive as homes get ready and community Sarvajanik pandals are erected to house this guest God and soon serpentine queues get formed as people patiently wait to seek blessings. The festival will take place from September 17th to September 24th this year, and we have put together top five well-known Ganesh Mandals in Mumbai.

Lalbaughcha Raja

Lalbaughcha Raja Ganpati Mandals in Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

Where: Ganesh Galli, Lalbaugh
Famous for: Oldest Ganesh pandal in the city

The history: One of the oldest known Ganesh pandals in the state, the Lalbaug Sarvajanik Utsav Mandal at Ganesh Galli at Lalbaug was started in 1928.One can get down at Lower Parel, Currey Road or Chichpokli stations to get here. The pandal is open round- the- clock but the waiting hours can be from five hours to twenty hours. All we say is luck matters!

Girgaoncha Raja

Girgaoncha Raja Ganpati Mandal in Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

Where: Girgaon
Famous for: It is the tallest, eco-friendly idol made of clay

The history: The Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal at Nikadvari Lane, Girgaon is nearly 84 years old and known as creators of eco-friendly idol. Unlike the regular idols which are made out of POP(Plaster of Paris), the Girgaoncha Raja is made of Shadu clay, a special type of clay imported from West Bengal and also used to make Durga idols.

Khetwadicha Ganraj

Khetwadicha Ganraj Ganpati Mandal in Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

Where: Lane 12, Khetwadi
Famous for: Has record for making the tallest ever Ganesh idol in Maharashtra

The history: When the Khetwadi Mandal was incepted in 1959, it had humble beginnings. With each passing year, the height of the Ganesh idol rose from 28 to 35 feet high. In the year 2000, the Khetwadi Mandal made tallest idol at 40 feet high statue.

GSB Seva Mandal

GSB Seva Mandal Ganpati Mandal in Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

Where: Ram Mandir, Wadala
Famous for: Adorned in a 22 karat gold-plated throne and precious jewels, it is the richest Ganesh idol in the city

The history: The Goud Saraswat Brahmin Samaj started the festival in 1955 with the sole aim of uniting the Goud Saraswat Brahmin community in Mumbai. In the year 2011, the GSB Samaj sought an insurance cover of Rs 222 crore for the idol. Needless to say, the GSB Samaj Ganesha is known to be the richest deity in the city.

Andhericha Raja

Andhericha Raja Ganpati Mandals in Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

Where: Andheri
Famous for: The pandal is known to replicate larger-than-life themes every year

The history: About 47 years ago, a few factory workers had moved from Lalbaug area to settle in the western area of Andheri, Mumbai. And  thus started the Azad Nagar Sarvajanik Utsav Samitee in 1966. Over the years, it has replicated various themes in its pandal which include famous temples like the Akshardham, Somnath, Mangueshi, Saras Baug and many more

While you will definitely enjoy paying a visit to these Mandals, why miss the opportunity to have the best seat during the Visarjan procession. We, at the Royale, have listed 5 Spots in Mumbai that have the best view to watch the procession. Instead of joining the crowd, enjoy the procession from these places.

With all these in tow, make sure you make a beeline to visit all these five if not more this Ganpati season.


  • Tejukeya Mansion, Rangari Badak Chawl and Abhudaya Nagar Mandals at Lalbaug Kalachowkie belt;
  • Tilak Nagar Mandal, Chembur;
  • Ghatkopar Akhil Bhatwadi Mandal;
  • Fort Vibhag Ganesh Utsav Mandal at GPO Fort; and
  • Akhil Anjeerwadi Mandal at Dr Mascarenhas Road, Mazgaon.

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