Top 5 Apps to keep track for your diet for smart eating and to flaunt the perfect body

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A cursory glance at lives of people around us today is enough to make us realize that the Information Age is well and truly here to stay. Connectivity and accessibility have pervaded every aspect of our lives and transformed it beyond recognition. The convenience and ease of use afforded by computing and mobile connectivity have made it absolutely integral to the seamless functioning of all the systems present in human society. This dependence is evident in how crippled people feel when they are without their smartphones. The effects of this information revolution can be felt in the realm of fitness as well. Where the word of the trainer was once considered to be Holy Grail, gym goers now have access to virtually unlimited material on different workout routines and patterns, with this enhanced knowledge allowing them to customize and tailor these routines to suit their body types and fitness goals.

Ask any bodybuilder, and s/he will all swear by the number one rule of their sport, “Bodies are made in the kitchen”. Fitness experts across the globe have always stressed the importance of a proper diet, with legends of the sport such a Ronnie Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger prioritizing a controlled and balanced diet over hours in the gym. While a workout routine can be followed with sufficient knowledge and discipline, controlling one’s diet is a different ball game altogether. Each macro-nutrient that enters the body shapes the end product, with even one unplanned meal capable of throwing your fitness goals off track. Thus, diet control is of paramount importance. Check out these top 5 dieting apps on the market to flaunt an enviable body:

1.MyFitness Pal

This is one of the most recognizable fitness apps in the market for a reason. It enables you to keep track of exactly how much calories are entering your body through its food database of over 5 million food items, absolutely free! Upon furnishing details such as your height, weight, and your goal weight during setup, the app then creates a custom plan based on how much weight you want to lose per week. You can also add your exercise and water intake details, with the corresponding effect on calories being calculated and displayed almost immediately. This enables you to keep easy track and plan your meals accordingly. MyFitness Pal can be linked to a host of fitness platforms such as Fitbit, allowing you to collate and analyse all your fitness related information in one location. Such a powerful app, that too at zero cost, makes it number one on our list! This app is available for both Android and iOS.

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Several apps perform the cliched task of counting calories and keeping track of meals. The ability to recommend meals is what sets Nutrino apart from its competitors. This app takes into account your medical profile, fitness goals, and food preferences, and recommends food choices accordingly. This app eliminates indecision with regards to meal planning and makes the task of counting macronutrients infinitely easier. The inbuilt health coach provides tailor-made insights and fitness tips, while at the same time furnishing information regarding latest advancements in the field of nutrition. As of now, this app is available only for iOS users.

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3.My Diet Coach

In addition to calorie counting and Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation, this app provides motivation to get through the strenuous fitness journey, sharing reminders, photos, and perseverance tips. Its pro version contains an innovative food craving panic button, which feeds the user motivational photos and tips, aiding them in remaining focused on their fitness goals. The workout tips and diet guidelines shared by the app are based on latest research, with the mental aspect of fitness given due importance. You can also create avatars in the app, customized to resemble yourself and your body type. Gradual improvements in your physique are mirrored in the online avatar, acting as additional visual motivation. This app is currently available for iOS and Android.

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This name is synonymous with activity tracking, but it is a pretty neat calorie counter as well. Its barcode scanner enables you to log all the details of your meals, analysing them and giving insights into their impact on your physique. It also enables you to record water intake and sleep patterns, with a comprehensive analysis of all the above-mentioned factors enabling you to pinpoint which areas of your lifestyle need improvement. This app is available for both iOS and Android.

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5.Weight Watchers

This app has been around for quite some time, and its success is a testament to its effectiveness. This app allows you to track meals, activity, and weight, with their unique PointsPlus system guaranteed to help you shed those extra kilos. There is also a 24*7 chat feature, enabling you to get advice from a Weight Watchers coach whenever necessary. This app allows you to keep track of calories even when you’re eating out, with thousands of restaurants and meals present in their database, along with several recipes for cooking by yourself. This app even links with fitness devices such as Fitbit, providing comprehensive activity and calorie tracking. This app is available for both iOS and Android.

With social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook having a huge role in popularizing fitness and projecting well chiseled and maintained bodies as desirable. They have also been instrumental in disseminating vital information regarding fitness, most important of which has been the importance of diet. With the above list of apps and many more available in the market, controlling diet or eating right requires minimum effort, thus keeping your fitness journey on track.

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With the New Year upon us, fitness freaks across the globe have probably hung up posters of their favourite bodybuilders on their walls, swearing to achieve similar physiques by the end of the year. But without a proper diet plan, they are just building castles in the air. Thankfully, in this specific matter, our smartphones could be our salvation! So, download these apps, and set your fitness journey in motion.

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