Top 3 Wedding Exhibitions Across India In 2015

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Every Indian girl grows up dreaming of that glorious wedding, right out of a Bollywood movie. Dreamy photoshoots, grandeur stage, bright flood-lights, live orchestra, choreographed acts, royal trousseau, an elaborate menu, extravagant entry of the couple… the list of splendour celebratory wedding preps can go on! Crafting your ‘Dream Wedding’ that you breathe every moment, woke up every morning with, mentally made notes of and secretly prayed for it to materialise deserve nothing less than perfection. The perfection comes by learning from the experts; experts who hold exhibitions for you to transfer your dream wedding to a visual treat. Hence, we have put together a list not-to-miss wedding exhibitions across India for the year 2015.

1. Celebrating Vivah | 17th to 19th July | Mumbai

Celebrating Vivah 2015 @TheRoyaleIndia

Tarun Sarda has been organising this exhibition for close to 8 years now. It’s one of the best amalgamations of premium resources that one needs to hold a luxurious wedding; right from the detail oriented planners to mush capturing photographers to known astrologers to trousseau packaging. Here is the schedule of the event that will be held across various cities in India.

Celebrating Vivah 2015 Calendar @TheRoyaleIndia

2. Boutiques of India | 24th and 25th June| Ranchi

Boutiques of India 2015 @TheRoyaleIndia


With over 70 shows held in last 5 years across 20 Indian cities, Boutiques of India successfully taps the needs today’s bride by bringing together various design niches. They pull in who’s who of the fashion world and flamboyantly encourage brides to look for their dream trousseau till the very and not compromise! Attend the show at Hotel Capitol Hill, Ranchi, followed by yet another show in Patna (Hotel Chanakya), on the 27th and 28th June.

3. Wedding Asia

Wedding Asia 2015 @TheRoyaleIndia


For those who are planning destination wedding in any part of Asia, you have to mark your calendars to be at Wedding Asia exhibition this year. It allows you to plan your catering, accommodation, planning, gifting, décor, etc sitting right here. They have been articulately fusion the contemporary needs keeping the traditional essence alive.

Wedding Asia 2015 Dates @TheRoyaleIndia

There are a number of other wedding exhibitions in Delhi and other cities in India to look out for. Bridal Asia and Vivaha Mantra Expo are two of the most talked about wedding exhibitions in India. They take place in first quarter of the year setting the annual tone of wedding fashion for everyone to follow.

Wedding is a special day for every couple and we encourage you to leave no stone unturned to bring your dream wedding alive. If you have been to any of these exhibitions, do let’s know your experience in the comment section below.

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