Top 20 Jaw-dropping gadgets of 2017­

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Technology has always been evolving and the year 2017 has been a great year for some jaw-dropping gadgets.From gaming consoles to sunglasses, alarm clocks to coffee makers – innovation seems to be in every nook and corner of the world.Most of the listed gadgets in this blog are also available in India and can be easily ordered at your fingertips with Amazon offers.

Check out the most covetable gadgets for the year 2017:

  1. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is a portable gaming console. This device can be connected at home or can be carried on the go. ‘Nintendo Switch’ includes a 6’ and 2” display and slots to fit in joy-con controllers on either side. It can be transformed to a handheld video game machine while travelling or to a traditional video console when you are at home. The detachable joy-con guarantees unlimited fun from single player to multiple players. No matter how you use it, it assures a full time gaming experience anywhere. With a package of thrilling games like Zelda and Breath of the Wild, Nintendo Switch gaming console stands out be a hit gadget of 2017.




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  1. Snapchat spectacles

Snapchat spectacles or sunglasses come with a video recording camera. The unique feature of snapchat sunglasses is115-degree lens that records high quality video in circular motion, for about 10 to 30 seconds. While recording short videos, camera flash light turns onimmediatelyto let know people about the ‘video record on’ mode.This recorded video can be instantly shared on to your smartphone over Bluetooth or WiFi. This can be further shared to all yourcontacts viasnapchat app.Snapchat’s path breaking technology allows you to make instant memories with a stylish and coolest sunglass ever.

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  1. Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit Alta AR is the world’s slender smart trackerdesigned to make life effortlesslysimple. ‘PurePulse heart rate’ – tracks heart rate on wrist with no additional requirement of chest strap. The other exceptional features include VO2 Max Tracking, connected GPS for cardio, guided breathing and workout monitoring. Some of the innovative sleeping tools include ‘Auto sleep tracking’ and alarms to record sleep duration and to set silent alarm. ‘Sleep stages’ monitors light, deep and REM sleep. ‘Sleep schedule’ and ‘sleep insights’are designed to get consistent reminders on sleep routines to get best your beauty sleep. Fitbit Alta AR is the most recommended gadget for every health and fitness freak.FitbitAltaHR

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  1. Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock with Artificial Intelligence

Bonjour is a pioneering voice controlled Smart Alarm Clock enhanced with Artificial Intelligence. Bonjour smart clock is literally a personal assistant to make your life interesting. Bonjour can help you with the live updates of traffic to ensure you are on time for a meeting at office. Bonjour can let you sleep on a gloomy Sunday and can wake you early on a beautiful and sunny day.Bonjour’s brain is built on cloud and hence, gets superiorand smarter by learning every day.


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  1. Minipresso coffee maker

Well, this is a great product for all coffee lovers, who love to sip coffee anywhere and anytime.Minipresso coffee maker is small, versatile and lightest gear weighing just 363 gm. It needs no electricity or batteries or compressed air for functioning. All you need to do is fill in 7 gm of coffee grounds and 68 gm of hot water into the main chamber of coffee maker. Pump the machine 13 times for a weak coffee, 18 times for an espresso and 28times for double espresso. Freshly extracted and a perfect cup of coffee isready to devour on the go.

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  1. AuraVR Pro VR Headset

AuraVR Pro VR Headset is an amazing gadget for virtual reality gaming experience. Some of the best features of AuraVR Pro VR Headset are lightweight and durable, wireless Bluetooth gaming remote, comfortable and classy design with breathable cushions.AuraVR Pro virtual reality glasses supports upto 6inches phone. It provides enlarged reality supportwith improved design of42mm lens. Adjustable focal length andadjustable Inter Pupillary Distance(IPD) makes it all the more unique. AuraVR Pro VR Headset is compatible with mobiles havinga minimum android version of 4.1 or iOS 5. All these brilliant features contribute to provide a spectacular Virtual reality experience with the best value for money.

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  1. Google WiFi system

Google WiFi router mesh system is a team of routers used to create a smooth internet blanket in the house. Google’s next generation router is not just for mansions but also for small flats. Google WiFi router is extremely efficient and provides excellent network coverage. Network Assist technology selects the fastest bands for your devices and assures fast flowing internet at all times.Some of the brilliant features of app include family WiFipause to get the kids finish their meal on time with no distraction. To prioritise devices on list and to see what is connected and what is not connected. On the whole,Google WiFi system is anincredible product to give fast internet coverage over 1,500 sq. ft.of area per device.


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  1. Withings Home

Withings Home is an awe-inspiring gadget to take care of your home, when there is no one athome. It not just works as a security camera but also enables you to capture pictures and high quality videos. Some of the key features of Withings Home arethe latest latency reducing technology, 5 megapixel CMOS Sensor, 12x zoom auto-enhancing technology, infrared night vision and 135 degree wide angle technology.Withings can be paired with a home app on your smartphone.Any noise or sound detected at home is directly sent as notificationsto your smartphone. Baby Monitor mode entertains the baby with melodious music and colourful lights. The other features include tracking memorable events and monitoring air quality. Withings is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


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NETGEAR ARLO PRO security camera assures home security by monitoring your house from every possible angle. Its weather proof feature enables you to mount it both indoor and outdoor,irrespective of any weather conditions. The two way audio built-in mic and speaker enables to listen and talk back. The other emphasizing features are100% wirefree connectivityto track visitors and suspicion from every angle, High Definition camera with audio, rechargeable battery which supports super fast charging, live streamingand night vision to track night visitors. NETGEAR ARLO PRO is a must have gadget for all those who fear home security and aspire home surveillance.

  1. NETGEARARLOPROiRobot 900 Series Roomba

iRobot 900 Series Roomba 960 Vacuum Cleaning is the world’s flagship vacuum cleaner. The Patented AeroForce cleaning assures 5 times better vacuum on all types of floor. Original dirt detect sensors captures all types of dirt. The Patented Debris extractors do not mess up cords and ensures hair from clogging in the suction head of vacuum. Home app for iRobot enables cleaning from anywhere and anytime. You can select the preferred area for cleaning over a map and schedule cleaning 7 times a week. If you are looking for a gadget to keep your home spotless, iRobot is a perfect option for you.

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  1. Whirlpool digital pop-up toaster

If you are a person who always ends up burning toasts, Whirlpool digital pop-up toaster is for you. This ultra modern appliance ensures perfect toast for your breakfast and comes with 8 different levels for browning toasts. The major highlight feature being the elegant metallic European finish to give the best looking productfor whirlpool users. The other functioning options include evergreen sandwich option and bagel option. The digital display makes it all the more alluring and ultra stylish. Crumb-tray collects all the bread crumbs to keep away from mess.

  1. WhirlpooldigitaltoasterLogitech craft Advanced keyboard

Logitech craft Advanced keyboard is a new flagship keyboard. It completelygives creative control to the user. The main highlight feature of Logitech advanced keyboard is its creative input dial called Crown. Crown gives in a great sense of control to get things done faster than ever before. Just a touch, tap and turn enable access to apps whichare used frequently. Adjusting brightness, saturation and colour on Adobe Photoshop and charts on Microsoft Excel is super easy with Logitech keyboard. The other classy features are smart illumination with backlighting and automatically adjusting room lightings. Logitech craft keyboard is designed with perfection and stability to begreatly effective.

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  1. Philips Hue’s Felicity

Philips Hue’s Felicity is an awesome bedside lamp compatible with Philips Hue app on your smartphone and tablet.  The key highlights of this lamp are to remotely dim and brighten lights, to set timers andto turn on or off power. All these features can be accessed right at your fingertips using the Philips hue app. Philips Hue’s bed lamp comes in rich colours – which can change through multiple shades of white and stunning array of colours. For voice controlled lighting you can pair Philips Hue with Echo and Google Home. Overall, Philips Hue’s is the best third generation bulbs with better lightings and colours scenes.


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  1. SONY LF-S50G smart speaker

SONY LF-S50G smart speaker is no less than Google Home. Sony’s edgy perks is what keeps this device a standout gadget. Apart fromthe voice control facet some of the interesting attributes are its automatic volume control-based on environment, aqua proof quality that lets you to place near a waterpool with no worries. The innovative perks on SONY LF-S50G flaunts a changing volume by waving right above the smart speaker and swapping tunes by tapping phone next to it. SONY LF-S50G smart speaker indeedmakes a perfect companion at home.


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  1. AUKEY Qi Wireless Charger

AUKEY Qi wireless charger is an amazing gadget for wire free charging experience. AUKEY wireless charger is from a leading Chinese giant AUKEY. This gadget is quite attractive and sleek – to just slip in your phone for charging. Three in-built coils and changeable feet make it extremely easy and convenient for use. All you need to do is place your phone on the stand while you text or talk to your friend. Solid piece of metal at the back of stand makes it secure place holder for any phone. AUKEY Qi is a striking piece of charger and stand which is worth every penny.


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  1. ASUS Windows Mixed Reality headset

ASUS Windows Mixed Reality headset features a unique 3d polygonal pattern design. It looks aesthetic and absolutely comfortable with premium antibacterial and quick drying cushioned materials. It is amazingly simple to switch between real and virtual worlds within seconds. Initial setup of ASUS Windows Mixed Reality headset takes no more than 10 minutes. It delivers crystal clear visuals with 3k display and a refresh rate of up to 90Hz. The highlight feature of this headset is – the ultralight weight and special balanced crown design for better support. ASUS Windows Mixed Reality headset is for sure a headturner.


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  1. Amazon Echo 2nd generation

Amazon Echo 2nd generation is a voice controlled hands free speaker. Any question starting with “Alexa” will be answered. “Alexa how is the weather today?” can give you a brief note on today’s weather. Alexa can play music, make shopping list, answer questions on news, weather, sports and provide information on much more. Alexa is built in cloud and hence it gets better and smarter each passing day. Echo speaker is easy to setup and all you need to do is plug in, connect to wifi using Alexa app and Alexa is all ready to answer your questions. Echo speakers are powerful to deliver crisp vocals and omni-directional audio. Echo can hear you from any direction even in the noisy environment and makes a perfect partnerat home.

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  1. Apple watch 3

Apple watch 3 allows you to make call even without an iPhone. You can send meeting invitations, receive and make calls on yourwrist. You can even play your favourite song on the playlist using Apple Music. The other key facets are GPS and Altimeter, water resistant technology, app to track workouts, smart coaching, activity sharing, intelligent activity tracker,powerful heart rate app, breathe app and other third party health apps. Apple watch with a customisable strap and model – makes it aperfect sportswear to run your day.




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  1. anki COZMO

anki COZMO is the coolest robot ever. COZMO is a small forklift truck which sings and interacts with furniture and can trundle inside your room. COZMO can perform various activities involving lifting up cubes, recognising faces and many more. All you need is a compatible android or iOS device to play with COZMO. This little cute robot is completely safe, stable and durable. COZMO is gaming playing machine- loaded with fun and is for sure to entertain kids and adults infinitely like a real-time robot.

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  1. Bragi Dash Pro wireless earbuds

Wireless earbuds are the future of in-ear music to free us from shackles of wires between the ears.Bragi Dash Pro wireless earbuds are not cheap but definitely an improved version of wire-free earbuds. They are waterproof, noise isolating, activity tracking and gesture controlled. The charged battery offers more than 5 hours of continuous play back. Ultra light weight feature makes it most comfortable wireless earbuds. What makes it unique is the solid connectivity with any smartphones irrespective of any location because of improved Bluetooth connection. Altogether, Bragi Dash Pro wireless earbuds is a simple, comfortable and good sounding gadget which is worth the price.

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