Top 15 Pizzas from Around the World to Pamper your Taste Buds

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Pizza is a crest dish and has won not just millions of hearts of kids and adults, but every heart across the world. It is one of three or four things in the world that are universally loved. Pizza is an easily affordable and a perfect way to mark the days of joy and happiness in life. It is the epitome of contentment—it is a sheer delight to devour a slice of Pizza!

Genesis of Pizza
Pizza was first invented in Italy in the 1700s. Italian immigrants in the United States of America introduced pizza as early as the 1800s. Pizza reminded Italian soldiers of their home food, and that’s how the delicacy was lovingly given a cozy niche in the US. The first Pizza parlour was licensed in the city of New York in the 1900s. Thereafter, pizza conquered the entire nation, gradually moving to the Mediterranean and then conquered the Asian countries.
The original Italian pizza contained only three ingredients—tomato sauce, cheese, and basil to represent the colours of the Italian flag. As this delectable, simple, and captivating food spread across the world, it hosted increasingly varied toppings from its new conquests and inevitably deepened its hold on its devotees.

Pizza entered every language and now refers to the pressing or flattening of dough to make a crust. Leavening agents like yeast, baking powder, eggs, etc. are used to yield a soft and fluffy-textured dough. The dough can be made into a thin or a thick crust. It can be raised to the occasion by being sweeter or saltier to match local flavours and ingredients. The main purpose of the pizza crust is to boost portability–one can grab a pizza on the run and eat it with bare hands—in fact, that is how it is meant to be eaten in its classic way. There is actually a meme which shows an outraged pizza-lover loading a gun to shoot someone eating a pizza with a fork.

We have brought for you a few slices of the best pizzas from across the world enough to have lip smacking and wide-eyed. Take a look at the appetizing list below:

  1. Neapolitan Pizza of Italy:
    Pizza Napoletana or Neapolitan Pizza is the first pizza that originated in Naples in Italy. Neapolitan Pizza is basically cooked at high temperatures (800 F to 900 F) for about 90 seconds. The size of the Neapolitan Pizza is pretty small–as much as the size of a personal pan pizza. Pizza Napoletana is prepared with fresh San Marzano tomatoes, basil, legit mozzarella di bufala (mozzarella cheese), and a dash of olive oil topped on the hand-shaped crusts. The highlight of the Neapolitan pizza is the topping that consists of more sauce than cheese, to leave the middle of the crust wet or soggy. The soft and thin crust of this pizza makes it all the more special, adding a surprise feel as it melts in the mouth, dissipating as clouds on a windy day.
    Neapolitan Pizza of Italy
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  2. Khachapuri from Georgia:
    Kachapuri pizza is named as one of the best cheese pizzas in the world, and is presented by Forbes. Kachapuri is Georgian traditional cheese–filled bread. Kachapuri pizza now tops the menu list in the famous restaurants across the globe. Some of the different types of kachapurifrom different regions of this Central Asian nation include Guriankhachapuri, Adjariankhachapuri, and Imeretiankhachapuri.
    This pizza can be relished at any time of the day but comes as the best option for breakfast. Kachapuri pizza is literally a cheese tsunami bursting out on the bread, both inside and outside. The fresh or aged cheese basically called sulguni is stuffed in the boat-shaped bread and baked with an egg. Kachapuri pizza is one of the must-have takeaways in Georgia.
    Khachapuri from Georgia
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  3. Deep Dish Pizza from Chicago, Illinois:
    The deep dish pizza of Chicago is sin baked round and crusty and will leave you uncomfortably queasy and full, but you know you are hooked to it hopelessly and helplessly. Deep dish pizza is made of generous gobs of cheese spread on a crust with a Goliath wall. The toppings include thick layers of chunky tomato sauce and numerous layers of sausage, cheese, etc. Deep dish pizza can be savoured in many variations. Some of the big food Marketing chains to find the best Deep dish pizza are: Pizano’s, Lou Malnati’s, Uno’s and Gino’s East. Deep dish pizza is a one-way street to captivity—and contentment.
    Deep Dish Pizza from Chicago, Illinois
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  4. Lahmacun Pizza from Turkey: 
    The term Lahmacun means “dough and meat” and is a snack enjoyed by both the Americans and the Turks. Lahmacun pizza is extremely difficult, not to say impossible, street foods in Turkey. One cannot really say if it’s a pizza or a wrap. It is mainly flat and crispy bread topped with minced meat, white onion, tomatoes, fresh lime and herbs to add spice and flavour. The vegans can also enjoy the vegetarian version of this Turkish pizza with veggie toppings. Lahmacun pizza can look super casual on the street side and at the same time super classy at the fancy restaurants. No matter where it is served, it is sure a treat for your taste buds. When you are deprived of this even for a short time, you would – you guessed it – go cold turkey.
    Lahmacun Pizza from Turkey
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  5. Okonomiyaki Pizza from Japan:
    Okonomiyaki pizza is one of the significant dishes in Japan and is known as the Japanaese pancake. Okonomiyaki means “grilled as you like it” with toppings that can include anything you like and can be customised to meet your preferences. However, a traditional Okonomiyaki pizza includes cabbage, noodles, bacon, and squid. These toppings are layered and fried with batter. After the baking that demands so much skill – and love – it is served with okonomiyake sauce and an egg which resembles a syrupy Worcestershire sauce. In Hiroshima, Okonomiyaki pizza is so popular that an entire theme park is based on this scrumptious meal.
  6. Langos from Hungary:
    Lango in Hungarian means flames since, as a tradition langos were baked in an oven facing the flames. This popular Hungarian street food is a deep-fried flat bread topped with generous amounts of sour cream, meat, sausage and garlic butter. The Langos dough is made with milk or water and flour with yeast, sugar, and salt added to it. Potato langos dough includes sour cream, mashed potatoes, and yogurt. This popular street food tastes best when served hot and fresh. Langos is not just popular in Hungary but also in the neighbouring countries like Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania and Serbia.
    Langos from Hungary
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  7. Tarte Flambee from France:
    ‘Tarte Flambee’ in French means a ‘pie baked in the flames’. Tarte Flambee is an Alsatian and south German flatbread either shaped as a rectangle or a circle. Flambee is then topped with fromageblanc – a combination of fresh tart and spreadable cheese. The other topping which goes into the making includes bacon and finely chopped raw onions. On the whole, this classic tart delights you with its unique Franco-Germanic flavour. The delectable dessert version of this is the Tarte and includes apples, cinnamon and some sweet liqueur. We know this is irresistible and will understand if you prioritise France as your next tourist destination.Tarte Flambee from France
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  8. Coca Pizza from Spain:
    Coca is a Spanish pizza with no cheese. When compared to other pizzas, this thin crust or flatbread is little oilier and stickier. Coca can have a vivid choice of toppings. Some generic toppings on this pizza include fish, egg, Spanish sausages, mixed vegetables, and a combination of fruits with meat. For a sweeter version, there is Coca served with lip-smacking sweet toppings. Both savoury and sweet, Coca pizzas are served with a pastry base and when taken out of the oven, are most reminiscent of pie.
  9. Sfiha from Middle East:
    Sfiha from Syria originated from the Levant of Lebanon. It was later introduced by Levantine immigrants to other countries. A traditional Sfiha is an open faced ground mutton pie. The modern version of Sfiha uses beef or lamb. Sfiha dough is either folded into a triangular shape or kept open faced. The various toppings include lamb, beef, curd, cheese, pine nuts, onions and vegetables which are mildly spiced. Sfiha is pretty cheap and hence a popular street food, especially in Brazil.
    Sfiha from Middle East
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  10. Manakish from Lebanon:
    Manakish is a popular Lebanon food. No breakfast is complete without having Manakish in the Lebanon. Manakish is a flatbread topped with just two ingredients. The toppings include oil and aromatic spices. The mixture of spices includes thyme, sumac, also called zaatar and sesame seeds. To heighten the taste, cheese or meat can be added to the dough just before baking. This delightful breakfast absolutely tastes divine and is a must have Lebanese food.
    Manakish from Lebanon
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  11. St. Louis Style Pizza from St. Louis, Missouri:
    St. Louis pizza is, naturally, most popular in its eponymous city in the Midwestern American State of Missouri. The highlight of this pizza is the crust made with no yeast. St. Louis pizza crust is extremely cracker thin and crispy. And so, inevitably, this pizza is mostly made, to begin with, in a rectangular shape and is then cut into squares just prior to serving. The topping on St. Louis pizza mainly includes Provel which is a variety of cheese and sauce seasoned with lots of oregano. Provel is a mixture of Swiss cheese, white cheddar cheese, and Provel cheese. St. Louis pizza, being layered, brings you a huge amount of toppings because of the sturdy pizza crust.St. Louis Style Pizza from St. Louis, Missouri
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  12. Cong You Bing Pizza from China:
    Cong You Bing is also known as scallion pancake in North America. Legend has it that the Italian explorer Marco Polo, missed Cong You Bing when in his home country, and asked Italian chefs to create something similar – and that is how the Italian flatbread pizza was born. This unleavened flatbread is a popular street food in Taiwan and China. The unleavened bread is folded with oil and minced green onions or scallion. Some of the other variations to the toppings include garlic chives, sesame seeds and fennel chopped greens. In North America, scallion pancakes are served with Vietnamese dipping sauce, hot chilli sauce, or soya sauce.
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  13. Pizza in the form of Paratha from India:
    Paratha is the most popular and staple dish of India, which is known as the Indian Pizza. Parathas are made out of whole wheat dough with generous amounts of oil and ghee. The stuffing includes different vegetables such as potatoes, cauliflower, radish, greens, paneer and minced meat. Roll out the dough into a shape similar to a pizza and then bake it in the oven until done. Parathas also take the local touch in different parts of South and North India. Paratha tastes best when served with a dollop of ghee, curd, and pickle.
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  14. Pastrmalija Pizza from Republic of Macedonia:
    Pastrmalija pizza is basically a traditional food of Macedonia. Pastrmalija was named after Pastrma which means salted and dried lamb meat. Pastrmalija pizza is made of dough and topped with minced meat. It is a long oval shaped pizza served with toppings of hot peppers, meat, and lightly drizzled oil. This dish is so popular in Macedonia, that they even celebrate a festival in its honour. This is also one of the best-known foods in the Balkans. Pastrmalija pizza tastes delicious when served warm with some red wine.
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  15. Kebab Pizza from Sweden:
    Kebab pizza is one of the most popular Swedish pizzas. Italian immigrants introduced pizza into Sweden as early as the 1960s and 1970s. Swedish pizza is comparatively healthier than an American pizza. The crust is thinner and is loaded with massive, even wanton, amounts of cheese and other toppings. Kebab pizzas are overpowering with their varied sauces like yogurt sauce and hot sauce. The other toppings include blends of different meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and spices. Swedish pizzas always come in 12-inch sizes and make one of the cheapest meals in that country.
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The Best of Pizza Hut
Some of the popular servings from Pizza Hut across the globe include: Pan Sandwich Pizza of Brazil, Mac ‘n’ Cheese Pizza of Germany, the Chee-Zee Marmite Stuffed Crust of New Zealand, Meatball Sliders of the UAE, the Big Dipper of Costa Rica, the Bulgogi Pizza of Japan, the Cheesy Beef Poutine Pizza of Canada, Cheesy Bites with salad of Hungary, the Thousand Island Seafood Pizza and The Double Sensation Pizza of Hong Kong, The Hershey’s Chocolate Pizza of the USA, Pizza flatbreads and Pizza Rolls of Middle East add more delight to your table anytime, anywhere.

There is a wide range of piping hot pizzas from India’s Pizza Hut outlets that caters to the unique tastes of the Indian crowd with customised toppings like Chicken Tikka, PannerTikka, Rawalpindi Chana, Kheema Masala, and the like, all loaded with generous vegetables like mushrooms, bell peppers, green olives and black olives, onions, tomatoes and corn. They are also served in various sizes of personalised pan pizza ranging from small, medium and large. This universal favourite is, happily, also ubiquitous or within arm’s reach.

A Pizza is always a Pizza

No matter, what ingredients go into their making, pizza is great and always, unfailingly tastes best! The entire list above is sure to make you hungry. If you really want to have some scrumptious pizza, grab a pizza from Pizza Hut right away and please your palate with an experience that is also the closest spiritual experience that food can get you.

Have you ordered your pizza already?

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