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Youngsters with earphones plugged into their ears and seemingly lost in their own world appear too oblivious to the happenings of the outside real world. That is the magic of listening to audio clips. So whenever you are on the move, entertain yourself to some songs, chats, jokes, conversations etc.; whatever you want to. It may be silly, it may be educative. So such digital audio files which can be downloaded or streamed live are known as podcasts and they are usually available as a web series and if subscribed, it is downloaded automatically.

Simply put, Podcast files are usually stored in MP3 format just as audio files and can be called as radio broadcast. The importance of podcast has grown over the years with so many professional and amateur podcast being uploaded. So can anyone create a podcast? Yes, definitely, if they feel they have enough material which has an audience and can be shared with the world. Amateur podcasts are when an individual or group of friends has an expertise in a particular domain and they share their knowledge in a series through podcast. And amateur podcasts, if are able to get to the pulse of the listeners, become popular and the most listened to podcast.

Here below are some of the podcasts worth listening to:

1. Maed in India: This one is for music lovers and people interested to listen to budding Indian as well as international musicians. Mae Thomas brings out the best in music industry with interviews and chat sessions with music artists every week.

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2. Cyrus Says: Hosted by Cyrus Broacha, his podcast features everything about urban India, be it satire on politics, films, education, traffic or social affairs. Anything the youngsters of today can relate to, you find it in Cyrus Says, of course dipped in the typical Cyrus satire.

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3. All India Bakchod: Comedians Tanmay Bhat and Gursimranjeet Khamba are well known to turn news and current affairs into comedy. Rightly so, when you want some laughter in your life and when you intend to take some matters lightly. Tune in to their podcast to have your dose of comedy and uncensored fun and don’t miss out on the chat shows with celebrities.

AIB @TheRoyaleIndia

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4. Audiomatic: This was the first Indian podcast founded by Rajesh Tahil and Tariq Ansari. It became very popular due to the wide range of topics covered from food and science to news and to the high quality narrative. It has four podcasts under it. The Real Food Podcast has Vikram Doctor dissect into stories, origins and legends about ingredients and food. The Myth and Culture podcast talks about the myths of ancient times, their in-depth analysis and how it is relevant in today’s contemporary world. The Intersection has narrators Padmaparna Ghosh and Samanth Subramanian bring to you the rich Indian heritage and culture and the science and story behind it. Ask Aakar Anything has Aakar Patel answering a diverse range of topics from politics to sports and entertainment.

5. Indicast: This show hosted by co-founders, Aditya Mhatre and Abhishek Kumar is the longest running podcast and has the largest subscription in India. Range can be as diverse from politics to sports with the hosts having their best fun conversations.

6. Syn Talk: This show is run by a group of volunteers and is very popular abroad in USA, UK and Canada as is in India. What do they talk about? Well, anything under the sun. Yes, the conversations and chats are free flowing and they believe in understanding the world from a long term perspective. Ideas and concepts range from literature to gaming and artificial intelligence.

7. Newslaundry: When you want to have unbiased news and information, then subscribe to Newslaundry podcast. It is known for its transparent and free views to present the news without being judgemental. And this is the precise reason why it has appealed to the audiences.

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8. Stuff you should know: This group of HowStuffWorks also has some other creative podcasts like Stuff to Blow Your Mind, TechStuff, CarStuff, BrainStuff, Stuff You Missed in History Class, Stuff Mom Never Told You and all that stuff and still more stuff that will leave you in awe and wanting for more. Stuff You Should Know is co-hosted by Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark and lets the audience know about the working of common things around us.

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9. Inspirational Living: Do you want some motivation and inspiration in life when you are feeling let down? Tune in and subscribe to the Inspirational Living podcast which helps you boost up your self-confidence and help you with positive thinking. Discover the spiritual side of you through motivational talks by spiritual leaders.

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10. Serial: If you are a regular podcast listener then you would know the popularity of Serial podcast. This podcast from the creators of This American Life is hosted by Sarah Koeing and narrates true life incidents of death over multiple episodes. This podcast remained for long in the popularity charts and garnered the fastest five million downloads in Apple’s iTune Store.

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12. The Indian Startup Show: If you are a technology geek and interested in being an entrepreneur or want to know the success stories of startups in India, then subscribe to The Indian Startup Show hosted by Neil Patel. He chats with entrepreneurs, investors and people from various startups giving us an insight into the struggles and success the people face when going about starting a venture on their own. It is a must for the young Indians who want to know about the aspects when starting out on a business.

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13. History of India: This podcast launched in 2015 is run by a British named Kit Patrick. He showcases the rich history of India right from the sixth century BC. Be it the famous kings like the Mauryas or the Guptas to the Vaishyas and Shudras based on the Indian caste system, he deals with it all with profound wisdom and ease.

So anything you want to know or your field of interest is, the podcasts have it for you. You just have to subscribe to the podcast of your choice and the audio file gets downloaded in your PC or mobile so that you can hear to it whenever you want to. That’s the power of internet and podcasts for you.

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