Top 11 Reasons to Sign up for Amazon Prime

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May it be for enthusiastically hunting the perfect pair of shoes or passing the time while stuck in traffic with virtual window shopping, e-commerce sites have become an undeniable habit of our everyday existence. But, despite hours of endless scrolling, bated breathed waiting for announced sales and unwavering devotion to these shopping apps, what we get out of them is peewee in comparison. The basic offerings of most longstanding to newly popped online shopping portals boil down to a certain mix of products, tagged with reasonable to dubious discounts and some convenient payment options (Read third party wallets and COD). Apart from page layouts, nothing seems to change or stir in these virtual shopping malls. Breaking this mundane mould, has introduced its Amazon Prime membership facility that takes online shopping to a new level of personalized perfection. Read on to find out how signing up for Amazon Prime can change your life.

What’s the Deal?

The largest online retailer of the world, Amazon, started offering Amazon Prime memberships way back in February of 2005, solely for the USA shoppers. Eleven years later, in July 2016, finally launched Amazon Prime in India. At an introductory yearly membership subscription, as low as INR 499, Amazon Prime offers quite a number of benefits, including free faster deliveries, exclusive offers, early access to select deals and unlimited video streaming for uninterrupted entertainment.

Reason# 1: Because Last Minute Shopping is a Lifestyle

With festive season right around the corner, the necessity of last minute shopping doesn’t require to be underlined. Undoubtedly, you want to look your glamorous best on every upcoming occasion. However, a faux pas in matching your shirt with your trouser or failure in finding the ideal golden jhumka for your lehenga can play a major spoil sport, marring your joy, especially if you have run out of shopping time. No matter whether you have an indecisive head on your shoulders or cannot find the right size till the eleventh hour, with an Amazon Prime membership you can be well beyond simply sorted. Amazon Prime allows you to get products assuredly delivered at your doorstep within one or two days and dress up exactly how you want for Dussera revelries with family and pandal hopping on Durga Puja. Those who are always on the go, running a marathon of responsibilities, juggling hectic schedules, get little time to buy Diwali gifts for their loved ones. The free one-day delivery facility of Amazon Prime membership lets them spread a smile on beloved faces by placing orders even at the nick of time.

Reason# 2: Because Shopping Emergencies are Real

Since man/woman proposes and God disposes (or, might we say that usually opposes), all the good plans run a chance of going astray, giving rise to sudden shopping emergencies. Remember that time, when on taking out the black shirt you planned to wear for the office party, for pressing, and you found a horrendous stain right on its chest pocket? Yes, these are what can be termed as shopping emergencies and what Amazon Prime knows how to deal with gracefully. Those who subscribe to Amazon Prime’s annual membership need not feel despair if your phone conks off with two days in hand till your long planned foreign trip or the tailor-made blouse fails to fit, hours before a big event or kids lose important text books just ahead of an exam. Depending on the time one has in hand, Amazon Prime free faster delivery options such as one-day delivery, two-day delivery, and same day delivery can come to their aid.

Reason# 3: Because Forgetting Can be Forgiven

Have you ever been so immersed in office projects for weeks that you couldn’t remember to buy a present for your little niece’s fifth birthday? Or, was it your spouse’s loving gestures and a surprise gift that reminded you at midnight of the proceeding day being your wedding anniversary? Such forgetful blunders may not bring any scathing criticism your way, but sometimes not being able to remember in itself can prove to be a punishment for conscientious souls. With Amazon Prime wishing is all you need to do for quickest wish fulfilments. Amazon Prime members can opt for cost effective next morning deliveries to save their faces in front of their kindred spirits. Placing your orders as late as 12 am will ensure that your product reaches its destination before 11 am the next morning.

Reason# 4: Because Scheduling Simplifies Life

Shopping online can turn out to be recurrently troublesome for those who are often out for work, with no one to receive products at home. Sometimes you may request a neighbour to receive a parcel containing clothes, perfumes, toiletries or groceries on your behalf but doing the same with expensive gadgets or delicate yet pricey jewelleries purchased online, might not be quite advisable. Also, buyers need to be present at the time of the deliveries of heavy electronics. Amazon offers low cost installations for hefty electronic products like air-conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines. Waiting around at home, taking French leave from work, for the delivery person to arrive can also be very vexing in such scenarios. With Amazon Prime membership you can schedule the delivery of heavy electronics fulfilled by Amazon conveniently from the second to the fourteenth day of order placement. Many smaller items are also eligible for paid scheduled delivery at Amazon. Amazon Prime members need to pay just INR 50 for such scheduled deliveries whereas non-Prime buyers dole out INR 150 each time.

Top 11 Reasons to Sign up for Amazon Prime

Reason# 5: Because No Savings is Bad Savings

Strong inclination towards buying goods online has now become an instinctive choice, making us dive into our hand-held devices, at the drop of the hat, in quest of suitable products. From shoe whitener and cake moulds to dish washers and gold jewellery, every need is addressed by shopping apps. But, the problem frequent shoppers face is delivery charges levied on the total bill or per product. Amazon charges a flat INR 50 for all standard deliveries below billing amounts of INR 599. Amazon Prime members can enjoy free standard deliveries without any minimum billing amount limitations. This means even if you purchase a single item under INR 599, you will not have to pay any delivery charges. One-day deliveries usually cost INR 100, and the charge for two-day deliveries is INR 80. However, Amazon Prime members can take advantage of unlimited numbers of free one-day and two-day delivery. Same day deliveries that cost INR 150 for non-Prime members is available for the discounted price of INR 50 for Amazon Prime membership holders. When summed up savings made through free or discounted deliveries can be surprisingly sizeable.

Reason# 6: Because Exclusive is Exciting

Who doesn’t like to feel special? Let’s admit it, our ardent daily pursuit of livelihood sanctions few chances of delighting in anything that’s exclusively meant for us, making every little bit of special treatment a welcome change. After a long day at work, rounds of rebukes from superiors, delay in payments and surviving several sessions of vigorous elbowing inside public conveyances even to remain standing, the exclusive deals available for Amazon Prime members can surely act as a soothing balm on jilted self-esteems. Amazon extends VIP treatment to the Amazon Prime members by regularly offering exclusive deals only for them. These deals are listed among the e-commerce’s lightning deals or deals of the day section with a Prime Exclusive Deal badge. You will also find mention of the product’s exclusive availability to Prime members in the “Add to Cart” section in the product information page.

Reason# 7: Because the Earlier the Better

Every day, Amazon updates its Lightning Deals section with a fresh selection of items ranging from clothes to baby products at slashed special offer prices. The Amazon Prime members are offered 30 minutes early access to go through these listings, read product information, conduct price comparisons and make their pick at a leisurely pace. Behind every desire to possess there is usually the nagging concern about staying within the budget that forces us to swipe past products we crave. Prime Early Access amazingly brings many of the products that you have desired yet never added to the cart, fearing to overspend, within your modest financial reach. Fashionable hand bags, wall hangings, makeup kits and wall clocks, you can buy anything that catches the fancy without burning a hole in your pocket with Prime membership.

Reason# 8: Because a Movie a Day Keeps Boredom at Bay

Are you a movie buff? Does life seem to get as boring as a stagnant and drying pond, sans ripples, without watching movies? Well, Amazon Prime membership can save your soul from such visual dehydration. Subscribing to Amazon Prime gives you access to a humongous library of movies that you can watch alone on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or with your huge buddies’ group and family members on a smart TV. Amazon Prime Video lists its movies under distinctive categories like Bollywood, Action, Comedy, Romance, Adventure, Thriller, Horror and Animated. Not only Hindi and English movies, but movies in a number of regional Indian languages including Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi are listed here. If you are a die-hard lover of English movies then titles like the soulful Moonlight, the chilling psychological thriller 10 Cloverfield Lane and the deeply moving dramas Manchester by the Sea and No Country for Old Men should keep you enthralled. A number of latest Hindi movies such as Lipstick Under My Burkha and the extremely popular Bahubali 2 are also a click away from dispelling boredom with an Amazon Prime membership.

Reason# 9: Because Waiting is Made Easy

Technology has omitted waiting from our daily routines to a great extent. However, for those whom travel means work and sitting hours at international airport lounges or boarding long-haul flights is a norm, waiting is still a crude reality. Waiting is no body’s forte, not at least without something riveting or interesting to while away the time. The unlimited streaming feature of Amazon Prime Video lets its subscribers watch curated content chosen on the merit of quality incessantly while sitting at dentist’s reception or sleep deprived in an overnight flight. Amazon Prime Video’s low data usage feature helps in downloading high quality videos through mobile data or Wi-Fi network. You can watch videos offline by streaming and storing them in your devices too. Irrespective of where you are and what you are doing, Amazon Prime makes sure that good entertainment never leaves your side.


Top 11 Reasons to Sign up for Amazon Prime

Reason# 10: Because Originality is the Order of the Day

If good content is what keeps you content through the ebb and flow of life then Amazon Prime Originals is what you should be watching. Here is a short list down of the premier Amazon Prime Original series that should be on your current to-watch list.

Inside Edge: With an IMDB rating of 8.4, Inside Edge is indeed a series worth watching. This high voltage Indian-American web-series drama revolves around the inner politics of T20 cricket and a fictional cricket team by the name of Mumbai Mavericks. Bollywood underdog, Vivek Oberoi in a lead role and Farhan Akhtar as executive producer make this series all the more promising

Bosch: If crime thrillers and murder mysteries get your adrenaline soaring then Bosch is an ideal series for you. It takes inspiration from the novels of Michael Connelly

Transparent: This series is the story of a family man who decides much later in his life that he wants to be a she. Not bereft of humorous penchant, Transparent showcases intricate dilemmas within a family due to the gender transition of the dad

Catastrophe: Tinged with grey humour, Catastrophe is what happens if a rom-com is played in reverse gear

The Man in the High Castle: Those fond of complex plots and lots of plot twists will find themselves glued to The Man in the High Castle, a dystopian drama involving Nazis and World War II

Reason# 11: Because Family Comes First

Knowing the priorities of its Indian subscribers well, Amazon has created the Amazon Family privilege for Amazon Prime members. Amazon Family provides access to an array of family oriented exclusive deals and discount coupons. Subscribers can make use of its age based product and deal recommendations to quickly shop for regular requirements. Families with children can make their child’s profile and a Baby Wish List to get 15% discount on eligible products. Another advantage of Amazon Family is the 15% discount on Subscribe & Save diaper subscriptions.

An Affordable Way for an Enriched Life

Launched with the simple ambition of easing the burden of shipping costs for loyal customers, Amazon Prime is now a thriving unit of the global retail giant Amazon, with eighty million subscribers worldwide. Unlike other entertainment streaming apps that demand steep monthly subscription fees, Amazon Prime merely asks for a flat per annum charge of INR 499, without compromising the quality of entertainment. The convenience of fast, flexible and penny-wise delivery options merged with nonstop entertainment makes Amazon Prime a lucrative addition to an enriched life.

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