Top 10 Ways to Give Your Old Clothes a Refreshing New Look

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Trends keep changing with seasons, but the purse hardly fills up in concert. However, the clichéd question of “What to wear” keeps puzzling you daily. In an age ruled by frequent clicks and posts, repeating the same old clothes can seem like a tragedy. No matter how many stacks of clothes there are around the home, nothing can match the novelty of a fresh dress. Sadly, too many adult necessities of more pressing importance like the electric bill, food, rent and such are there as well. The conscience is also overactive in reminding one that not much is getting saved for the dreary days of old age. Prospects of being the trendsetter might look gloomy, but there is still hope. The good news is that you can reinvent or refashion your boring old garbs into latest in women’s fashion trends with some easy to perform DIY tricks. Trust us! The clothes you have been planning to throw out as trash will be well beyond recognizable—even for you. Following are top 10 simple ways to show you how to give your old clothes a refreshing new look:

1.Embellish the Drab Denim

Tired of wearing the same old jeans? But, you purchased it for a steep price and giving up on it is like incurring a loss. One idea that can work like magic is an embellishment. Any pair of denim can look like new if they are adorned with cleverly selected add-ons. Studs are your best friend in this. Get a strip of studs, cut and attach to the folded edge of your denim and voila its trendier and help you look more stylish. Beads, metal stars, coins, and pearls can also be chosen adornments for your favourite old jeans. Pom-pom ribbons are quite hip these days and give your denim a care-free Boho look. If you are good at sewing then why not give a unique touch to everyday jeans with fine embroidery work? Pair of lovebirds, roses or cute black cats are just a few ideas that may work.

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2.Let Lace Spell Some Magic

Probably from the time, it was invented, lace has been in demand for its allure. Give your feminine charm a dose of intrigue by adding lace to your old clothing. That black mid-length skirt will enjoy a new lease of life with black lace trimmings. Add red or white lace at the cuffs and neckline of your blouse for adding that Tagorian charm to your look. Cut the edge of jeans and sew in white lace for a feminine yet classy appearance.

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3.Save the Dreary Dress with Some Polka Dots

Gone are the days when LBD aka little black dresses was all the rage. Do you have one in stock that you do not feel like wearing much? Give it a quick face-lift with the help of polka dots. All you will need is fabric colour. For tiny polka dots, you can use a pencil eraser. Dip it in the colour and print dots on the dress. This trick also works well on tops and shirts. The back of bottle lids is perfect for bigger polkas.

4.Transform Dresses into Skirts

Several times we buy a dress on a whim. We go with it to the trial room, and the fit is just about perfect. You know at that point of time that if you put on a few kilos of weight, the dress will no more fit you. You wear it once and years pass before you get it out again. It is now too small for you. But looks just like new. Throwing it away or handing it to a thinner cousin hurts. Don’t ache. Turn the dress into a skirt by chopping off the upper half. If it is a maxi dress, then transform it into a wraparound skirt. Shorter dresses can be used for making pencil skirts or miniskirts depending on the amount of fabric and hem style.

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5.Do Some Net Practice

Nothing is swifter in giving old dresses and tops a makeover than a net. Is there a cut out at the back of your red dress? Give it a trendy new look by covering with black net. Get some net fabric, cut it in required shape, and sew it on the inside of the dress for this. Net sleeves can make your sleeveless tops a charmingly demure look.

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6.Revamp with Tie-and-Dye and Bleaching Methods

A burst of fresh pop colours might be the kind of makeover your old clothes need. Bored of solids and neutrals? Try tie-and-dye techniques for giving the clothing a touch of a rainbow. You can easily find a cost-effective tie-and-dye kit online. Place the tee-shirt, shirt or jeans on a table. Fold it to form a swirl like a shape. Next, tie it with threads, so the swirl is divided into many triangles. Mix the dyes with water to dissolve them. Pour different coloured dyes on each triangular section. Keep it wrapped in plastic for few hours before rinsing well under a running tap. Air dry or use a dryer, and your brand new piece of clothing is ready to be worn.

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7.Upgrade Your Dresses with Peppy Pockets

Almost everyone loves pockets, and they are trending too! Sewing some pockets on the dull denim dress will reincarnate it in style. Even denim look swankier with some kitschy pockets sewed on. Let your imagination soar high and pick fabric pieces which are out of the ordinary. Quirky prints and patterns will look great picks as pocket fabrics.

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8.Do a Little Pasting a Day to Keep Spending at Bay

Have a sweatshirt that is two seasons old yet quite sturdy? Get some floral fabric, cut it in an unusual shape and paste it on the sweatshirt. Anything from cartoon figures to logos can renew your worn clothes. When recycling old clothes one thing that is highly useful is hot glue. You can use this to attach sequins to your mundane striped tee shirt. What’s more—you can write something quirky using sequins on your dresses.

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9.Turn Your Sari into a Glam Dress

Dying to wear a princess-like gown? Yet, have little spare money to buy one? You can turn your sari into a dress and no one will be able to guess. All you need to learn is a little bit of draping tricks. Any old chiffon sari is your perfect dress material. Make pleats in the middle and tie the ends to make sleeves. Use a thin belt to hold the sari together so that it gives good coverage to the upper part of your body.

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10.Slit Old Kurta for a Chic Shrug

Dozens of kurtas gather dust in our wardrobes for years. They are either too old-fashioned or too tight on the bosom to be worn. Cut the front of the pitiful kurta open in a straight line. You can add some wooden buttons for that extra glamour boost. And, your new Desi shrug is perfect to be paired with jeans and tee shirts.

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