Top 10 Cheap International Travel Destinations for You

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This article was originally published by Skyscanner in April 2017

When you are planning to travel on a tight budget, you would wish for a lot of options on your platter for cheap international holidays. Today, we try to fulfill your wish and have a look at a few budget-friendly international travel destinations. These places will not only take your breath away with its tourism offerings but also go light on your pockets. Let’s take a look at ten such cheap international destinations that you can enjoy by flying out of India:

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Top 10 Cheap International Travel Destinations for You

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Many people don’t consider Colombo to be a full-fledged tourist destination. But they are mistaken. Colombo has some hidden and unknown places that can blow your mind away. Just take some days out from your busy schedule and visit here. Even if you are not a spiritual person, you will definitely like the Gangaramaya Temple and the ancient Buddhist places of worship. The Colombo Fort area has a rich history to regale you. The hugely popular open market called the Pettah Market is a paradise for bargain hunters. Here you will find everything from fruits to souvenirs to jewellery. Not only the trip from India is very cheap but also the food options are vast. Savory dishes are available in both Veg and Non-Veg. For seafood lovers the options are exhaustive.

Krabi, Thailand

Top 10 Cheap International Travel Destinations for You

Krabi lets you enjoy glistening sands, tranquil ocean water, and great aqua life for far less than other exotic holidays. Make it a picture perfect moment by diving in and capturing marine life in its full glory. If you love scuba diving, then Krabi offers a host of destinations where you can get your gear on and make a splash. The land’s forests to have a diverse mix that offers a great experience for wildlife enthusiasts. Alternatively, you can simply laze around the beaches for long hours doing absolutely nothing.

Kathmandu Nepal

Top 10 Cheap International Travel Destinations for You

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Why travel far when you have natural beauty in your neighborhood in the form of Nepal? Perched on the foothills of the majestic Himalayas in Nepal and its capital Kathmandu. The nation provides equal measures of spiritual serenity and snow-capped fun. It attracts a major number of tourists for being the gateway to the royal Himalayan ranges. The capital city offers a sneak peek into the modern- day urban life blended with the ancient traditions. Take, for instance, the Durbar Square. The UNESCO World Heritage site has an array of temples and palaces that beckon the wandering tourist. Another place of interest is the shopping district of Thamel area from where you can pick up souvenirs for your memories. Also, check out Pashupatinath temple – one of the most renowned landmarks in Nepal, and the Bodhnath stupa – widely considered as one of the oldest Buddhist temples.


Top 10 Cheap International Travel Destinations for You

Singapore too is a great option for a traveler who is low on cash but high on getting the ultimate travel experience. Make sure to explore the stunning city beyond the high street labels on display at the swanky Orchard Street. Check out Chinatown Heritage Centre to get a glimpse of the rich culture of the nation, or hop on a cruise on the Singapore River. You can also take your family to the world’s first nocturnal zoo – the Night Safari, or visit the Singapore Zoo during the daytime. Looking to eat out in Singapore? Then the choices by the River at Clarke Quay can offer a great fine dining experience. If you are planning to have Singapore as a cheap international trip from India, then make sure to book flights and hotels early for a great holiday.

Malacca, Malaysia

Top 10 Cheap International Travel Destinations for You

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Soak in the architectural marvel in Malacca that is heavily inspired by Portuguese design. Think beyond Kuala Lumpur when you are planning for a cheap Malaysia trip and explore the historical significance of Malacca. Your first stop will be at Jonker Street – a paradise for collectors and souvenir buffs. Get collectibles like antiques for a great bargain here. Make sure to carry your camera and lots of batteries, as you will be happily clicking away in the backdrop of awe-inspiring buildings and streets. Another great idea to save big – arrive by flight at Kuala Lumpur airport and reach Malacca by road after just a 90-minute journey.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Top 10 Cheap International Travel Destinations for You

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Dubai is surprisingly a cheap destination to visit from India. From its swanky appearance, it looks like an expensive city to go for a holiday. But we will break that myth. Along with its skyscrapers, there are many other marvels to experience in Dubai. The incredible city is not only famous for its new buildings but also has an equally mesmerizing history. The old Bastakiya district feels like you have walk-in another era. The Deira Gold Souk popular among tourists is a must see place for gold lovers. Here your mind will dazzle with all the glitter, and you would be tempted to buy something. Also, don’t forget the desert safari with its multitude of adventures. Last but not the least; don’t forget to visit the tallest building in the world, The Burj Khalifa

Bangkok, Thailand

Top 10 Cheap International Travel Destinations for You

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A haven for electronic goods and clothes lovers, Bangkok is surprisingly cheap to visit. If you plan in advance, you get return tickets from Kolkata to here for mere Rs. 10,000. Also, its connectivity to other major Indian cities is very good with multiple daily flights available. The inexpensive street food of Bangkok is world famous for its taste and variety. Although most people think it is a retail haven, it also boasts of lovely floating markets and sandy beaches on nearby islands.

Bali, Indonesia

Top 10 Cheap International Travel Destinations for You

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Acres and acres of rice plantations and greenery will make you feel divine in Bali. The windy blue sea and the shiny beaches welcome you with warmth. Just the thing you would want on a short international vacation. Bali has all the ingredients to be the perfect tourist paradise. The glorious Seminyak and Nusa Dua beaches will temptingly invite you to laze around for hours. The little crafts village of Ubud is a must see. Bali is also an international surfing and diving destination. The active volcano on Mount Batur will entice it you with its beauty. Lastly, don’t forget to get a soothing Balinese massage after all the tiring activities.

Male, Maldives

Top 10 Cheap International Travel Destinations for You


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Another major cheap international destination for Indians in the Maldives. Male, the capital city of Maldives, is situated in the North Male Atoll. Major Indian carriers have daily flights to Male. Here you can experience underwater activities like no place else. Words become meaningless after seeing its flora and fauna. Here you can do scuba diving to a great depth. Scuba divers from all over the world come here to experience its magic. But the Maldives is just not about water. The nearby islands are a great place to experience the amazing culture of people residing there. The people are very welcoming and make your Maldives holidays truly memorable.

Phuket, Thailand

Top 10 Cheap International Travel Destinations for You

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Another premier but cheap destination from Thailand is Phuket. Lately, Thailand has become synonymous with Phuket. Its tremendous pocket-friendly avatar has given it a worldwide recognition, and it has emerged as a backpacker’s paradise. After a famous James Bond flick, the world has sat up to notice Phuket. The clear waters and the sandy beaches will tempt you to stay there forever.

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