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Lingerie shopping is the one dreaded trip which all women have to man-up and face. The thought of trying so many options with so much effort is just daunting. Then again lingerie shopping is just not the usual bra/ panty sets. No sir. They include stockings, pantyhose, garters, shape wear, camisoles, slips, teddies, whew! It has become as if every pair of clothing has specialized lingerie to go with it. We will take months, even years to cover that topics, so let us start slowly. With year-end closing, appraisals and office parties coming for a lot of you, let us look what should be and should not be worn under formal corporate wear.


VPL or visible panty lines are a complete no no, regardless of what you are wearing in the office (be it skirt or pants) VPL should be avoided


thongs @TheRoyaleIndia

In case your skirt and/ or pants are well fitting, then please wear a thong. Tad uncomfortable? Yes. Required? YES!


shapewear @TheRoyaleIndia

In case you end up wearing a formal dress to office for that big meeting or for a formal office dinner, make sure you carry your shape wear with you. You will need to wear the control top corset or tights to smoothen out any bulks/ bulges, to give an amazing shape to your body which will make the dress fall over you, nicely and to avoid and visible lines. Extremely uncomfortable? Yes. Cannot breathe? Yes. Makes you look thin? Yes!


satin slip @TheRoyaleIndia

If not shape wear, get a well fitting satin slip to be worn inside. But be careful- no hint of it should be visible from anywhere.


nude colored panty @TheRoyaleIndia

Never, EVER wear white panties with white trousers or a white skirt. Always wear nude coloured ones under white clothing. Also if you do end up wearing white to the office, make sure no colourful lingerie is worn. You are not a part of Paris Hilton’s entourage.


camisole @TheRoyaleIndia

No, absolutely no hint of camisole to be seen from under your blazer, unless it is the kind which is supposed to be worn under the jacket. Also, no hint of lace to be seen.


If and when you are wearing a skirt/ dress to office, always make sure your legs are well moisturized. Dry skin makes people want to stay away and honestly are you a 10 year old boy with knobbly knees and white flaky skin? After moisturizing, wear a pair of stockings. These can be thigh highs (wear thigh highs only if you are comfortable sitting in them and the length of your skirt) or pantyhose. Not the fishnet stockings you will be wearing on Saturday night (by all means) but stockings in black and nude. The stockings/ pantyhose should be plain with no design on them


With formal wear and stockings and pants, come the shoes. Open footwear, peep toes and flats take away the elegance of an outfit. The shoes worn have to have heels and have to be pumps and/ or court shoes. They should not be in flashy colours but the basic everyday toned down colours.


Extremely tight fitting clothes are very uncomfortable and look really bad as they accentuate you and your assets in the worst possible way. Also, opt for pencil skirts. They make you look taller and thinner.

With these tips in mind, go ahead and wear that expensive, lacy, set you got, girl! No one needs to know what you are wearing inside and as long as you feel sexy about it, wear it every day! You never know when someone might get to see it.

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