How The Right Way of Couponing Can Help You Save Every Month

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High unemployment and even a higher inflation are asking out to cut household expenses and increase savings. You can reduce the use of luxury items and services, but what about your necessities? According to a recent survey, an average Indian family spends around INR 2000 every month on grocery, cleaning products, toiletries and another INR 2000 on monthly food items, and INR 1500 on entertainment. You can cut your entertainment costs, but not your basic utility bills, which occur every month, without any fail. However, you can make a healthy and wise living without increasing your utility bills, through Couponing!

You can save almost 70% to 90% on monthly expenses allowing you to pay off debts, live on the income, and save more. With the right information, proper skill, and adequate planning, you master the art of extreme couponing.

How does Couponing work?

Coupons are available online, in newspapers, and magazines and even as distributed as flyers. Retailers use it as the very first wave of their product promotion in order to boost sales and to increase foot falls in their physical and online store. Once desired sales are bumped up, they bring up the product at sales price. They then offer the product at discounted price at regular intervals. Companies or retailers prefer this option as it gives a solid boost to their product sales. Also, if customers like a product, then they will surely return to buy the same product again and again and from the same retailer.

Online coupons have reduced the time needed to hunt, check, and organize the various coupons. But even if these tasks are simplified, it is still essential to make optimum use of online coupons. It is because if you fail to use them properly, then you will end up experiencing lots of trouble and instead of decreasing your expenditure; this might be a big loss to you. If you wish to save more money with online coupons, then you need to use them wisely.

So, now you know why it works, let’s talk about becoming an extreme couponer and how it can help you save money almost equivalent to your monthly expenditure.

How to Become an Extreme Couponer

You can become an extreme couponer by targeting the best deals at the correct time. Look for various lucrative deals and use them effectively. Also, don’t just use one deal at a time; rather try to combine two or more deals in order to avail huge discount on selected items. The other important aspect of an extreme couponer is to shop for favorite items in bulk so that you have enough of it before this product goes on sale again.

Also, an extreme couponer makes good use of all available coupons, the store coupons, store sales, and manufacturer’s coupons. They plan ultimate savings setup by shopping for items with one or a combination of coupons.

Now that you know the advantage of becoming an extreme couponer let’s have a glance at the core aspects of such a couponer. This way, you will be able to learn the skills needed to become an extreme couponer.

What are The Core Attributes of an Extreme Couponer

An extreme couponer focuses on three core elements – Purpose, Planning, and Patience. So, if you want to become an extreme couponer and save lots of money, then read on to know all important details about these three P’s.

1. Purpose – Extreme couponing can save you money only if you plan it with a purpose. There is no point in saving money if you are going to waste it otherwise. You can save more money if you are doing it for a reason. Your purpose must be a motivator to learn ideal ways to get best out of the available deals. You can develop an emergency fund, pay your debts with the saved money, save for an expensive but necessary purchase, or plan a trip with your family. If you are clear with a purpose, then you can focus and even save more money in a very short time period.

2. Planning – Another important attribute of an extreme couponer is proper planning. Don’t just focus on getting deals, but being a proactive shopper. If you are not able to find things for present use, then you may buy items that you would need in the future. You can shop for upcoming birthday events, toys at discounted prices for your kids. Once you plan and shop, then you would be able to save a lot of money and also would be available with the items ready. This will also save you from last minute crisis of finding the perfect expensive gift at discounted price.

One area about which every family is concerned about is – Grocery Shopping. With efficient planning and good research, you can shop for groceries online at discounted prices and save money. So, keep a close eye on related sites and do your weekly shopping at discounted rates.

3. Patience – Most of the times, a product is not on sale when you need it. Sometimes, you even don’t have the stock of an item, which is going to end in few days. Such situations will occur from time to time, and you need to be prepared to address them. If you are confused between using a coupon for an item of no use or let it expire, then the best idea is to let the coupon expire. There is no point spending on an item, which you might never use.

So, when you are doing extreme couponing, don’t exceed it. Rather, be patient and shop for items that are available at best deals. It is not essential to grab every deal that comes to you. Be intelligent and select deals that will only bring you the good. Otherwise, you would end up with stock pile of items that are of no use to you.

Ways to Save More Money with Couponing

You will need lots of coupons in order to maximize your savings. But just acquiring coupons is not enough, you also have to use them wisely. So, here are some ways that you may adopt to become an extreme couponer and save more money.

1. Grab on the Grocery Coupons – If you create your family budget regularly, then you would notice that a major portion of the income is spent on grocery. So, if you find online grocery coupons, then this can provide you with quality groceries at discounted prices, which will reduce your expenses drastically. Grofers, BigBasket, Amazon, Naturesbasket offer regular discounts on grocery.

How The Right Way of Couponing Can Help You Save Every Month

2. Look for Food Coupons – Another major portion of our income is spent on food and entertainment. If you are a working woman, then cooking food everyday must be a big trouble for you. Start using food coupons and you will be able to save INR 700 to INR 1000 per month. So, even you must try it and you will see the difference yourself.

How The Right Way of Couponing Can Help You Save Every Month

3. Keep an eye for Coupons on Clothing – You can save yourself from having a hole in your pocket by buying clothes and other accessories online. Various online retailers come such as Voonik, Myntra, Flipkart, Ajio, and many others have attractive deals on clothing and accessories. Watch out and make the best use of them.

How The Right Way of Couponing Can Help You Save Every Month

4. Check for Coupons on Electronics or Home Appliances – Buying home appliances like AC, TV, refrigerators, washing machines, and others with the use of coupons can help you save a considerable amount of money on these items. The best time to buy or replace electronics and home appliances is during festive seasons when online retailers like Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal offer coupons.

How The Right Way of Couponing Can Help You Save Every Month

5. Use Coupons for Cab Bookings – With cab services, commuting from one place to the other has become very much convenient. The good news is that cab companies are introducing discounts at a good percentage and cash back schemes too on a regular basis. So, if you are someone who commutes by cab regularly, avail coupons to for cab booking and save money.

How The Right Way of Couponing Can Help You Save Every Month

6. Avail Coupons for Travel and other Miscellaneous Services Save money not just with grocery and food coupons, but also with coupons on travel and other miscellaneous services such as booking a home salon service or availing home cleaning service or electrical repair service, and many such services which are required at regular intervals.

Tips to Use Coupons for Increasing Monthly Savings

If you would see around, then coupons and discounts are all there. The only thing is that you need to use them wisely. Some of the tips that will help you in task of saving more through coupons and discounts are as follows:

1. Never overdo it – Excess of everything is bad. Overdoing couponing can sometimes be tricky, and you might end up spending more. So, make sure not to buy unnecessary items even if they are available at a great deal.

2. Maintain a list of Things to Buy – Always maintain a list of essential household items needed and as soon as you find coupons relevant to your need, just go for it and shop.

3. Check for coupons in advance – Always keep a check on various online coupons and promo codes that are being notified on your phone. Searching for coupons before shopping can help you plan a quality shopping.

4. Check Your Emails – Sometimes, you may find a coupon in your mailbox. These mails are sent to regular customers from online retailers, product manufacturers, or coupon promoters. These coupons can be of anything, discount on restaurant meals, maintenance service, salon services, home improvements, and more. So, every day you must take out at least couple of minutes to check your emails and identify such discount deals.

5. Check product packaging twice – It is possible that the online retailer or the online vendor has placed a discount coupon within the product packaging. This is a new way to promote the product and offer deals to attract and retain customers. Even sometimes, the coupon is affixed to the packaging itself. Such coupons are meant for immediate usage. So, you must check for its usability, expiry date, and discounts offered and go for an immediate shopping to make most out of it.

6. Check Online Sales Ads – Keep a close watch on online retailers for coupons on specific items. Offers such as ‘Buy 1, get one free’, ‘shop for two at the price of 3, ‘more discount on a purchase of Rs.2000 and above’, are up at most of the time. Moreover, there is cashback on credit and debits cards. From time to time, you also get rewards points and can redeem them on your next purchase. You must check for such sales ads as they can help you cut on your shopping bills to a great extent.

7. Keep track of Coupon expiry dates – Coupons or promo codes are always time bound. So, check for the expiry date and use them before they become a complete waste.

Being an extreme couponer is a skill, and it will develop over time if you keep practicing it on a regular basis. Extreme couponing is truly an awesome way to save more money monthly. Even the best thing is that the saved money can be used for more meaningful purposes without over-burdening yourself. If you are not a couponer, then first try to begin with it, and if you have already started practicing it, then learn to be an extreme couponer. Plan your strategies and techniques with a heuristic approach, and in no time you will be one of the extreme couponers.

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