Tips & Tricks for a Cool Home During Summer

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How cool is it to use eco-friendly, affordable and easy tips to beat the heat off this summer. As we know the Air Coolers do more harm to the environment by emitting Chloro Floro Carbons or CFCs, let us save our environment and energy and keep our home and our family cool and safe from the hazardous chemicals.

The list below has some of the effective tips and tricks to keep cool this summer:

1. Make Place for Greenery at Home

Cooling Tips Vertical Gardens @TheRoyaleIndia

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Greenery is always serene for your eyes and not only that but they also keep the place cool. Block scorching heat waves hitting your home with plants around the walls or the small trees or plants lined up against the walls of your homes. Vertical garden is one of the malleable gardening systems which can be done on your terrace or the wall facing the sun. Vertical gardening uses non-climbing plants, assuring enough space for its counterparts. This vertical gardening is gaining popularity at a fast pace.

2. Invest in the LEDs

Use lights only when needed. It saves power and does more good to the environment. Ditch those incandescent bulbs and replace them with the cooler option of light-emitting diodes LEDs or compact fluorescents CFLs.

3. Cool it with an Ice Bowl

Cooling Tips Ice Bowl @TheRoyaleIndia

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Most of us have a fridge at home. All you need to do is empty the ice cube tray into a bowl and place it in front of a portable fan to get breezy cool air circulating in the room. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Try it yourself to see the impressive results.

4. Let the Air Flow inside the House

Open those doors and windows and let the breeze in to keep you cool. Ensure that you do it at the right hours; early morning 5 to 8AM and 7 to 10PM at dusk is the time to feel the pleasant air. Fresh air is magical it can instantly refresh your mood.

5. Shade the Roofs with a Light Colour

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Colour the roofs and ceilings of your homes white. It not only reflects the heat but also looks pleasant and cheerful. Rooftops are one of the main culprits for houses that feel like a furnace. Try those terrace gardens to keep your house cool.

6. Save Power

Turn off the fan, lights, TV or any other electrical appliances when not in use. They use more energy, power and emit extensive heat. Refrain kids from opening fridge doors often as it heats up the fridge motor and emits more heat. Save energy to complement the ecosystem and keep the house cool.

7. Dry your Laundry inside the Room

Cooling Tips Dry Clothes @TheRoyaleIndia

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Yes, you read that right! Wash clothes in the evening and hang them in the bedroom under the fan, this trick may sound simple but it brings down the room temperature significantly and makes the place cool.

8. Dump Heavy Fabrics into the Wardrobe

Let that heavy fabric sit in the wardrobe for a couple of months. Replace heavy curtains, blankets, and bed spreads with cottons, or jute fabric or in the case of windows – bamboo shades. Go for lighter shades like white, green or yellow. Throw heavy carpets into closets and let them rest there till the end of summer. Avoid polyester or synthetic and opt for cotton dresses to keep you cool.

9. Use Grainy Pillows

Cooling Tips Grainy Pillows @TheRoyaleIndia

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Decking up the window ledge with green plants adds beauty to the house and also enhances the cool air flowing in. This window box gardening is drastically increasing in India. Coating the outer house walls with mud also acts an insulator against heat.

11. SayNo’ to Messy House

Have kids at home? Kids can mean a messy home with toys, comics, and crayons all around. Clean up the mess; a messy house feels too hot. Dump those unwanted toys, books, furniture, magazines or newspapers into closets and make the place airy.

Decorate the living room or the bedroom with a vase filled with cold water, fresh flowers and colourful pebbles to add elegance and a cooling effect to the place.

12. Try this Eco-friendly DIY Air Cooler

Ashish Paul, from Bangladesh, has invented an eco-cooler that uses no electricity and is constructed with waste plastic bottles. With some DIY tools, one can prepare this Air cooler at home. Want to give it a try? Check it out –

13. Enable Cross Ventilation

Enable cross ventilation by opening doors and windows in the opposite direction to enable the breezy air flow in both directions. Keep in mind the timings (5 to 8AM and 7 to 10PM) so as to let in the fresh air.

14. Intake Lots of Fluids

Cooling Tips Fluid Intake @TheRoyaleIndia

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Stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids – water, tender coconut and fruit juices. Consume seasonal fresh fruits and avoid those sugary sodas and canned juices. When you are at home keep a water bottle next to you to remind yourself to sip it often. This not only keeps your body cool but also makes your skin and hair glow. After all, a beauty tip is always accepted, isn’t it?

So go ahead and make this summer cool!

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