9 Tips & Tricks for Men to Upgrade their Wardrobe

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Who says that it’s only girls who get crazy about dressing and dressing well? It’s not surprising at all when you come across a guy who is very particular and puts sincere efforts to upgrade his wardrobe. It is no wise choice when being a man you remain casual without any wish to dress well. Many of us believe that men’s dress is not so colorful or as varied and fashionable as it is of women’s would be happy to know that fashion is equally applicable to the dressing of men in today’s glamor world. The only thing is that you need to have an idea of what to pick and the perfect caliber to carry it.

It is true that clothes don’t make you a man though it helps you a lot in doing so. Dressing better not only makes you look better but it also helps you in boosting your personality and confidence as a whole. Check out these few basic tips that would help you upgrade your wardrobe without just cracking your head for no reason.

1. Concentrate on fitting: When you are thinking to up your style the most important thing that comes on the top of the list is fitting. The first and foremost tip that you need here is a perfect focus on some popular brands that work especially for your body type. Looking at the comfort factor many guys tend to wear something that is too roomy. Chuck your habit of exaggerating your style and try for a piece that is one size less and see the difference. Slim and extra slim fits are also available for experimenting a new look and a new revived ‘You’.

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2. Buy timeless: When you wish to carry a style that would go long way then you need to buy something timeless rather than what is in trend. Timeless means that style which goes beyond the time yet with the time, it has no limitation and you get to look in trend despite of being off trend. Trendy fashion come and goes while classics are timeless and remain in fashion for ages. Though it is good to have something unique & in trend to have in your wardrobe, basics never fail. Age-old grandfather’s jacket still would give a killer look so invest in buying something that has timeless appeal.

3. Buy that is Versatile: Versatility wins when you plan to upgrade your wardrobe. To remain in top your style must be versatile always to be able to use in a number of ways. A well fitted suit is always more preferred just because of this factor. You can always use your suit jacket and trousers in any other event separately. The trouser when clubbed with sweater or cardigan and on the other hand the suit jacket goes perfect casual with chinos or cargos. This would also prove cost effective since you would be upgrading to fashion that is multipurpose.


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4. Keep it classic and clean: Keeping your wardrobe fashion clean and classy is an idea that works well in every situation. The appeal that a classic look brings is never out of style. When you are just at the foundation to upgrade your wardrobe then it is wise to build it from clean and classic style. This is the nothing but sticking to neutral and solid colours for trousers, shirts and shoes while for suits navy, charcoal or black is all rounder for you. A simpler tie or one with splash of colour can be a place for experiments.

5. Be bold to break the rules: Fashion is the only place where you are praised when you break rules. There is no limit to what you can experiment with your dressing style. You can easily perplex yourself with when you think about style dos and don’ts. You should keep in mind that style is all about creativity and expression and breaking from the box of set rules. When you have to decide on should and shouldn’t wear then it is better to use common sense rather than hanging up with it. It is now the trend of adventurous dressing rather than getting stuck into the daily boring black & white dressing. Such dressing is also required sometimes but that doesn’t mean that you would remain scared of experimenting with style.

6. Wear it, own it: This is one of the most potent tips on upgrading your wardrobe. Whatever you wear does only make sense when you own the clothes that you wear. Until and unless you wear the dress with full confidence and carry it in a way as if you are the only fit person for it and the dress is just made for you, you are not going to look good in it. Automatically when you own the dress you wear you would find people gravitate towards you and respect you from within. Your dressing style would speak the last word for you.

7. Find someone who has a cool style quotient: When you are all set to upgrade your wardrobe for you, you must be sure to have to follow an idol in respect of fashion. In everybody’s life there is one who carries a dream style for you. You start paying attention to the trend your idol carries and become a trend follower automatically.

8. Explore slim fits: Your look is going to change dramatically as you make changes to the dress you wear. Large size dress is out of market and slimmer dress is in. You should keep in mind that slim fit is different from skin fit as well.

9. Plan the perfect wardrobe matching your lifestyle: Start investing on those items which are quality pieces and you would use more often. You should not crowd your wardrobe with stuff that you would never need or wear. Your wardrobe should be the reflection of your lifestyle.

Your style homework at a glance

  • Picking a style icon is wiser on the task of upgrading your wardrobe smartly.

  • Once in a while revise your collection of dresses. Take the help of a trusted friend who could guide you by pointing out the dress in which you look most shabby. Mark them out and sell or donate for the sake of stock clearance.

  • Those you are not favoring get rid of them by donating. Rest you should also check with by trying once and getting them fitted and altered would be a great step towards saving your hard earned investment on attire.

  • A list of 5-10 items that is based on your lifestyle is required most for upgrading your wardrobe.

  • Once you have understood your style quotient you need to check out for different offers and sale that is available at different malls to find any staple piece for you.

  • Obviously, depending on your budget start working on making a collection of dresses in every pay period. This would help you build your wardrobe in a more organized way without putting much pressure at a time.


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These few tips are only for reading till you take action to bring your wardrobe to one most enviable thing in front of your friends and colleagues. So, it is you who have to take action now in styling your wardrobe and you in turn.

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