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Unless you are a black money hoarder, this is pretty much your train of thought as the announcement regarding the demonetisation of Rs.500 & Rs.1000 notes went on:

8.15 p.m.: “Such a bold move by the P.M”

8.30 p.m.: “End to corruption!”

8.45 p.m.: “Umm, do we have enough change to buy veggies tomorrow?”

With our large denomination notes being rendered useless all of a sudden, most of us panicked at the imminent lack of cash and the obvious hurdles that would bring to our daily living. Yes, banks and ATMs will soon reopen, stocked with valid notes, but imagine the serpentine queues outside these financial establishments! Instead, simply use your digital wallets or net banking services.

• Grofers, Bigbasket- Grocery Shopping

ban on 500 1000 rupee notes online shopping groceries @TheRoyaleIndia


No, you won’t have to miss out on Ghar ka Khana for the next couple of days. Simply shop for veggies, groceries, and other daily household items from these online stores and have them delivered to your doorstep! What’s more, you can even enjoy the amazing BigBasket offers on Couponraja.

• Myntra, Jabong- Clothes

ban on 500 1000 rupee notes online shopping fashion @TheRoyaleIndia

We wouldn’t want your wardrobe to take a hit, would we? Check out sales and discounts available at e-commerce websites like Myntra, Jabong, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. and once you have found out the pretty dress and shoes that you want, simply pay for it online using net banking, or opt to pay with a credit or debit card when the items are delivered to your home!

• NetMeds – Buy medicines online

ban on 500 1000 rupee notes online medicines prescription @TheRoyaleIndia


Yes, government hospitals and their chemists are accepting those Rs.500 & Rs.1000 notes right now, but again- who wants to stand in the heat for ages to get the meds? Instead, upload your prescription to on the Netmeds app or website and get your medicines delivered right at your doorstep. What’s more, the incredible Netmeds offers are more lucrative that what your local chemist or the govt. chemist can offer. Pay online, and get medicines at the doorstep, what can get better than this?

• Ola Money- Travel

ban on 500 1000 rupee notes online shopping traveling ola @TheRoyaleIndia


Rickshaws and conventional taxis are out of the question for a few days, until the time people are well-equipped with the new notes. However, with a couple of swipes and clicks, you can very well have a taxi at your service, at whatever time of day (or night) and you don’t even have to worry whether you have enough change or valid notes to pay the cabbie! Simply pay with Ola Money, a digital wallet which can be refilled using net banking.

• BookMyshow- Entertainment

Thought you’d catch Benedict Cumberbatch fighting evil, post work? Realised there were only Rs.500 & RS.1000 notes from pre-9/11 in your wallet? You can still take your date out for that film, or simply unwind with your friends at the nearest movie theatre by booking your tickets using net banking, or a digital wallet such as Paytm. While the government enjoys counting the black money, you could enjoy counting the number of bad guys Doctor Strange beats up!

• Zomato, Foodpanda, Swiggy- Food services

ban on 500 1000 rupee notes online food order foodpanda @TheRoyalendia


Hunger pangs hit you in the middle of the night; your favourite pasta place is open until 3 a.m., but alas, you don’t have any new notes to pay for your food. What do you do? Go hungry? Of course, not! Order your food online, pay online, and get fresh food delivered before you can say, “black money”.

• Zimmber, Housejoy- household services

ban on 500 1000 rupee notes online shopping in-house services @TheRoyaleIndia


Want a break from the Trump v/s Clinton drama? Or just want to relax after a long day at work, but don’t know how to pay for that head massage you need? Check out Zimmber or Housejoy- they offer anything from beauty parlour services to carpenters who don’t mind getting paid through net banking or with a credit/debit card.

The crackdown on black money has come as an opportunity for our economy to go cashless and in turn, substantially reduce the chances of black money increasing in the future. Regardless of the demonetisation situation in the country, how about we change the way we pay and do our part to a healthier economy?

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