Tips to Capture Monsoon Madness

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Monsoons are very different and totally unpredictable. This is what makes the weather interesting and worth a capture. But due to the stormy rains and the kind of damage it can do to our equipment, most of us refrain from going out and clicking pictures. But this is the only time where you can capture some action packed moments in every corner of the city. To make all your risk worth the effort here are a few tips you can follow to make the best of your pictures while clicking in the rains.

Safety comes First

Protect your camera and yourself: Use a temporary plastic protection for your camera. Instead of buying those expensive waterproof covers, you can make one yourself.

protect your camera @TheRoyaleIndia

Plastic covers can be of great help. Cut it at one end and stick your lenses out of that cut-out just a little bit so that your lens has enough space to see and also doesn’t get wet at the same time. The rest of your camera will stay safe inside the cover. As much as you take care of your equipment, it is necessary to take care of yourself as well. Wear a rainy jacket and good rainy shoe. Also carry an umbrella and extra plastic covers with you.

Consider the Worst-Case Scenario: Always be prepared for the worst conditions. You know the rains can turn monstrous any moment. Know your location well and always have your own mode of transportation with you. This will help you to avoid getting stuck at places.

Find a Shelter: Find a shelter when you think that being exposed in the rains for too long can be harmful. Go inside a building or a shop, you can also shoot the action happening outside form there.

Things to shoot


capturing clouds in monsoon @TheRoyaleIndia

Clouds are one of the most captivating elements you can shoot during the rains. During monsoon clouds get really heavy and they come closer. This makes them very dramatic and worth a shot.

Camera Settings – As the clouds are already white keep your exposure one or two stops below so that you can get the dramatic cloud effect.

The Wind

sea view @TheRoyaleIndia

Stormy winds just before the arrival of the rain are also a great thing to shoot during monsoon. At this time if you happened to be on the streets, you can get some action packed candid pictures of people. Trees also take a very different form during the windy weather. You will definitely capture some interesting wild pictures of the trees and plants swaying around. But make sure you are at a good distance while shooting, as nature can be very dangerous and fatal during such conditions.

Camera settings – Keep your camera in burst mode, so that you do not miss any interesting shot as there will be a lot fast movements happening around you.

Droplets and The Flow of Water:

leaf water @TheRoyaleIndia

The natural water flow and droplets are plenty to find during this season.

roof water @TheRoyaleIndia

Water flowing from the roof, droplets of water on the window or drops of water hanging on the leaves etc. is an amazing scene and you can get some amazing photographs out of it.

Camera Settings – For flowing water you can try keeping a slow shutter speed so that you can get interesting dreamy water flow effect. Keep your focus right on the droplets of water hanging from leaves or anything during the rainy day. As they are very tiny it can be a little hard to get them in focus.


capturing water reflections @TheRoyaleIndia

Interesting reflections can be captured during this season. Reflections on stagnant water just after the rains have stopped or even reflections on water while it is raining can provide you with some mind-blowing images.

Camera settings – More than the camera settings, composition factor is very important while capturing reflections. Capture it in such a way that the viewer understands the message you are trying to convey.

Rainy days are normally very gloomy and therefore it is a perfect whether to click some portraits. The clouds themselves act as diffusers due to which you to get a perfectly lit image. If a few elements are kept in mind then you can have a mind-blowing portrait shoot.

– Bright colours stand out in the evergreen surroundings during monsoon. Colours like red, pink, blue, purple etc. are a few colours to keep in mind while photographing during gloomy weather.

– Water splash also gives a cool water trail effect. Kids playing around in water and splashing water is also an interesting session to shoot.

Always remember that the main priority should always be your camera and yourself. Do not compromise with it. Rains are always fun to click and it is the only season where you will find various moods, colours and even light. So have fun as much as you like while clicking and also never forget to experiment.

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