5 Steps Towards A Green Terrace

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Do you love to live amidst greenery? Well, everyone does like to have green spaces around them. If you are among the lucky ones to have a terrace, then setting up a terrace garden is your chance to go green. Though terrace garden is often associated with roof top gardens, in urban areas, the architecture elements that extend out of an apartment or residence at any floor level is also referred to as a terrace. We present to you few tips for your own terrace garden.

What To Grow ?

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Try to plant only shrubs in a terrace garden. A plant with deep roots may find its way to the rooms below the terrace. In addition to flowers which usually bloom at the top branches, you can also grow vegetables like tomatoes and chillies which require very little care.

Vegetables For Terrace Garden @TheRoyaleIndia

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You could also grow brinjal, okra, lime, cucumber etc. Patience is the key here as it may be couple of months before you could see the fruits of your efforts.

Get The Soil Right

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Growth of the plants depend on the nutrients it gets from the soil. Regular soil and compost when mixed together in the right quantities will give plants the perfect nutrition. Compost can be added every week so that the soil has enough nutrition. Special care needs to be taken after heavy rains as the water may have washed away the nutrients. Plants need at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight. So ensure that they are placed accordingly. However, if the sunlight is too harsh, you can do with some shade.

Water Matters

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For a lush garden, watering the plants regularly is a must. Summers call for more watering for the plants. In winters, you would want to check the moisture level of the soil and then water them. Since excess water can drain essential nutrients, avoid watering in rains.

Take The Next Step

Decorating Terrace Gardens @TheRoyaleIndia

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Now that you have a garden, look at ways to beautify it further. If you are the ones who like a sculptural look, make use of stones or similar materials. Make use of gum boots, wine bottles, tea cups and such other household objects to give your terrace garden a rustic look. Stylish seating arrangement in your garden would be a perfect place to sip a cup of tea. Add a barbeque or party areas .Proper lighting in the garden would enhance the beauty manifolds. Avoid harsh lighting though. If you are growing flowers, then grow a mix of summer and winter blooming flowers. This will avoid giving your terrace garden a bare look. Give a sloping or a stepped look. Try to keep the plants in 3 levels, with the taller ones at the back against the wall and the taller ones in the front. Prune the plants to give a cleaner groomed look to the plants. Avoid too many features that take up space and results in a messy look.

Wait There's More

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Ensure that you have the right leveling of the terrace with slight inclination towards the drain. This will prevent water stagnation. To prevent leakage issues, waterproof the areas or patches where you grow plants or grass. Consider rain water harvesting when possible. Organic farming is the way to go. If you are constantly traveling, consider planting drought resistant plants which require very little maintenance and would be as fresh as you left them.

In cities like Mumbai where one is always short of space, a terrace garden seems to be a luxury. However, do try to find your own little green corner. Challenge the gardener in you. Nurture it with love and care and feel energized.

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