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Tips and tricks to make your makeup last longer

Be it the scorching summer Sun, the humidity in the air or super active sweat-glands… your makeup is up against nature’s forces that cause it to get messed up with time. Does that mean you give up on looking pretty this season? Not at all! We’re bringing you a smarter alternative.

A few tweaks in your makeup kit can ensure your makeup stays put all through!

The right foundation

Choose Right Foundation for Long lasting Makeup @TheRoyaleIndia

Your foundation will determine how long your makeup can stay unaffected. Pick a matte foundation instead of a creamy one, especially if you plan to travel. Moisturize your skin before you apply a foundation and stand in front of an AC to let the moisturizer set in. Apply your foundation with a light hand and quick strokes and let it blend with your natural skin colour. Keep a matte powder compact handy to dab away if your T-zone acts up. Check out full range of Foundations on Nykaa.

Blush blush!

Apply Blush for a Natural Glow @TheRoyaleIndia

A little tint of colour on the cheek can add a natural glow to your look. Make the switch from creamy blushes to powder blushes for a mess-free look. Choose pink for a soft look and bronze for a sun-kissed look. Dab off any extras with a sponge.

Eye candy

Waterproof Eye makeup for long-lasting look @TheRoyaleIndia

Water-proof eye makeup is your best friend! The area around your eyes smudges faster and is also tricky to fix or retouch. Apply your foundation on your eyelids to ensure your eye shadow lasts through the day. Follow this up with a water-proof liquid liner. This will smudge lesser than an eye pencil would.

Pout Pretty

Perfect day long Pretty Lips @TheRoyaleIndia

Your beautiful smile can win hearts and it’s important to make sure your lips don’t lose the pretty colour as the day progresses. Apply some foundation to your lips before you fill in colour. Use a lip liner to outline the shape and fill in with a matte shade of your choice. Blot on a tissue and fill in more colour. Ideally you’d be better off without a glossy lip wear. But for those of you who love shine on your lips, get some shimmer powder! Dab two dots on your lower lip and blend it in with the upper lip. Shine on!

Nail it

Red Alert with Red Nail Paint @TheRoyaleIndia

The trick to long-lasting nail wear in any season is to keep patience! Always paint your nails when you have the time to spare. Apply a base coat and let it dry. Pick your favourite colour and apply two coats of it. Leave a 10-minute waiting gap between both coats. Your second coat would take slightly longer to dry. Finish it off with a top coat that protects your nail paint from chipping or fading.

A breezy walk on the beach, a brunch out with friends or a fun vacation… now you know the secret to keeping your look picture perfect throughout the day. Go on and have a great time!

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