This New Year’s Eve – What’s better than a Cruise Tour

December 17, 2014 This New Year’s Eve – What’s better than a Cruise Tour @TheRoyaleIndia 1358 0 0

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THE party of the year is approaching. Chances are you have already planned what you want to do on the eve of another year or are frantically trying to speak to everyone around for a new idea so people don’t judge you for waiting till the last moment to plan. If you are the kind who gets into the festive mood willingly or grudgingly then you fall in one of the 3 categories-

  1. You love to party at the best clubs and hugging the toilet seat after a wild night is a weekend norm

  2. You love to party but you prefer partying in the confines of your house or your friend’s. You don’t need strangers bumping in to you or photo bombing your selfies

  3. You are beyond the loud music, obnoxious people and the noise in general. You hate crowds (welcome to adulthood, my friend. We have been waiting for you) and anything that requires A LOT of effort. You are looking to do something different and quiet but equally cool this year.

I am sorry category 1 and 2, but this post MIGHT NOT be for you. However, if I have helped you change your mind then I know my life has been worth it. Category 3- this one is for you. Have no fear when an awesome idea by us is right here!

How about spending the festive season on a, drumroll please, CRUISE! I know, right! Thank you for the applause and it’s ok if you didn’t think of it earlier. If you are living in a coastal city then it is completely doable. If you do not, then avail the GOSF offers RIGHT NOW on travel and book tickets to one. Believe it or not India has some pretty awesome options. Depending how much you want to shell out of course.

cruise tour mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia
  • Mumbai – You can book a cruise from Mumbai to Goa which goes further to Lakshwadeep. You have the option of making it a one night cruise or a four night one. What better way to spend NYE than with your loved one(s) on a ship with a beautiful sky for company and hitting the party hub of our country?

cruise tour kochi @TheRoyaleIndia
  • Kochi– If Goa doesn’t do it for you then there is a four night cruise which starts from Kochi and reaches Lakshwadeep, stopping at three islands on the way (Kavaratti, Kalpeni and Minicoy. Ever heard of them? Imagine how beautiful they must be).

international cruise tour @TheRoyaleIndia
  • International– You have the international bug in you? Then get on a cruise from Mumbai all the way to Singapore or KL making stops at amazing islands in Thailand. Else you can go in a completely opposite direction and reach Dubai. Else just fly to KL and book a luxury cruise around that belt and see new places.

new year yacht @TheRoyaleIndia
  • Yatch– If you are strapped for cash or spending more than a couple of hours at sea seems daunting to you, then why don’t you hire a luxury yatch for a couple of hours (anywhere between two to four hours) and have your friends and family soak in the beauty with champagne and amazing food while you negatively anticipate the coming year? Log on to sites like Groupon and look for discounted coupons to help you book the yatch.

There is nothing as awesome as breathing in the salty air with the sea breeze hitting your face, your closest people beside you making merry and noise in general. With a glass of bubbly, you can quietly sing along with Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow as they croon, ‘The music is played for love, Cruisin’ is made for love, I love it when we’re cruisin’ together’.

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