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Choosing between a compact (or “point and shoot”) and a digital SLR camera is often the first big purchasing decision when starting out with photography. Not only is it potentially a big financial decision, but it may also determine what kind of shots you will be capturing.

Compact System Cameras are becoming increasingly popular and there are models available to suit every level from the novice to the professional. Given below are the three key differences that are important to understan about the two camera types when trying to choose between a DSLR and CSC.

Viewfinder Mechanism

Unlike compact cameras; the light at which one sees object through the viewfinder of a SLR camera remains the same. With an SLR, when you press the shutter button, the mirror flips up and the light that was formerly being re-routed to your eye is sent straight to the camera sensor. Whereas with a compact camera, the viewfinder mechanism tries to estimate the light to reach the sensor, and thus t is potentially less accurate. Compact cameras may also use what is called an Electronic View Finder (EVF), which attempts to re-create what an SLR viewfinder would see instead of using the electronic image from the sensor.

Fixed v/s Interchangeable Lenses

The fact that SLR camera user can change their lenses is likely the first difference that one notices, or knows ahead of time. Yes, many compact cameras can use lens adopters (especially the high-end variety), but the original lens still remains on the camera.

Camera Sensor Size

In general, compact cameras have much smaller camera sensors than SLR cameras. This is a less commonly known “under the hood” difference between SLR and compact cameras, but is likely one that will make the most noticeable impact on image quality.

With a wider range of camera types and formats available there will be more choice for the discerning photographer, which also calls for more innovation from the manufacturers, and the development of ever better cameras.

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