Let’s make a List: Things to know before buying a LED TV

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Do you fancy watching your favorite cricket game on a large TV in your living room? An LED TV is on the must have list for many people these days. With many major companies like Samsung, Micromax, LG and Sony competing with each other, there are so many options out there in the market for the customer to choose from.

Before we get into this, let us understand the basic features of a LED TV. It is basically a LCD TV that uses LED as the backlight for the liquid crystals in the display. They consume less power than LCDs and Plasma TVs, but they may be more expensive.

Before spending that hard earned money, it is better to be clear on a few things so that the best investment can be made which is also longterm. A LED TV must not be bought blindly. There are many factors to look into which will actually check how compatible a particular model is with your home and lifestyle.

Let’s look at this in detail. Most people only think about the size of the TV and how much it is going to cost. Some other noteworthy questions that need to be asked are:

1. How big is the screen going to be?

Screen size should be selected keeping in mind how close you sit to the TV. If you can see the pixels with your eyes, then you are too close.

Before the screen size is determined, it is important to measure the dimensions of the room the TV will be in first. This will help gauge the minimum distance from which you should it.

A regular 32 inch screen can be viewed from a distance of four feet. If the TV size is bigger, for example 40 inches or more, then the viewing distance has to be almost double. It is a must that the room me measured first to check if it can accommodate the minimum viewing distance for that particular screen size.

Let’s make a List: Things to know before buying a LED TV

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2. What do we plan to watch?

Another important question to ask is what you are planning to watch regularly. Many homes have a set top box from which favourite sitcoms and shows are watched. In that case, getting a bigger size screen would be good.

If you are planning to watch movies which will be on flash drives and USBs , then get a TV that will support different file formats.

3. What else are we going to do with it?

The LED TVs are used for many purposes besides viewing. Games can be played on it. It can be hooked up to the internet. Make sure that the TV has the required connectivity ports such as audio jack ports, USB ports and HDMI ports.

It is advisable to decide what kind of mart features you want with the TV. Many come with built in WIFI, Ethernet connections and other streaming devices. Decide what smart features you want in advance so that you do not get too boggled by the options.

4. How much should we pay for this?

It is always advisable to invest in a high quality LED TV with good features even if it comes at a costly price. There are many budget options out there in the market which offer “extra” features which may not really give you the kind of experience you are looking for. They may even cram a lot of features into one model which will spoil your viewing pleasure. Most of them offer easy access to Netflix, virtual gaming alleys and online shopping channels. Do not let this cloud your mind while shopping. Also, you can save on your purchase with CouponRaja’s Television Offers

5. What about resolution?

The TV’s resolution determines how sharp the images will be. TVs which are often sold very cheap during sales may have less resolution. It is advisable to always check this before purchasing.

It is advisable not to buy a TV with less than 4K resolution. TVs with 4K models have 4 times the number of pixels as regular HDTV screens. This enables the pictures to be sharper and show more detail, especially the smaller objects will be highlighted. This is also a better choice for a future based investment.

Let’s make a List: Things to know before buying a LED TV

6. What kind of audio are we looking for?

Most of these TVs offer great visual images but audio tends to be poor often. If you opt for speakers, they will take up too much space as the TV itself will be so big.

A soundbar is a good option instead of headphones or a surround sound system. They are also quite affordable, easy to install and definitely contributes to the overall experience. Some models are quite sleek and can fit under a TV stand.

In a nutshell, having a good sound level helps you enjoy your movies and games and matches so much more. If you are wondering whether you should be investing in this, think whether you really want to strain to listen to the commentary during your favorite cricket match.

7. Are there enough ports?

Since the TV will be connected to many devices, it is advisable to think about the number of connections you can make. Check for HDMIs, USB ports, audio jacks and multimedia support. The HDMI cable is the one that helps you connect to a computer monitor, a video projector or an audio device. The TV should come equipped with at least one HDMI port.

Ideally, three USB ports will be needed as they are used to connect to USB drives where movies and other media would be stored, to display videos and photos and to record as well.

Check to see whether ports for the WIFI and Ethernet are there. This is mainly if you want to connect the TV to the internet and access social media. Decide if you want Bluetooth with this.

Let’s make a List: Things to know before buying a LED TV

8. What kind of color support do we want?

Most of the TVs will have HDR (high dynamic range) technology. HDR allows for brighter pictures and more contrast. It supports a wider color spectrum. HDR has a huge impact on picture quality. It makes the scenes come alive and become more realistic. This is great for those interested in the fantasy genre. It’s like you are there with the characters on screen.

The standard version is HDR10 which is supported by most TVs. If this is something you may be interested in, then it will be a good idea to purchase a LED TV with HDR. Some of the recommended TVs are from the LG, TCL and Sony brands.

Make your Choice as per your Requirement and Budget

Buying a good quality LED TV is an investment and one should be prepared with what they are looking to buy. Some planning done in advance will really enhance the cinematic experience that is meant to be enjoyed at home. There are other features that you can do research on. Certain websites offer a comparison of the quality and range of these features and prices are also compared. If you settle on one of these TVs and ear mark them in advance, then you can also look for a good price at sales and shopping festivals. Happy viewing!

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