Things to keep in Mind while Planning a Backpacking Trip with Your Girl Gang

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Why we would always listen to things like it’s the men’s world while women have proved in varied fields to compete equally with men in different fields. Why would men only enjoy trips that remain memorable for a lifetime only? Women are also capable similarly in meeting all requirements to travel around the world in Gang of girls and planning out for exclusive backpacking trips for ladies. It is true that streets are not absolutely safe for girls even today, but still, a proper full proof planning may help you overcome different challenges when you are on road with your gang of girls.

Listening to great success stories of women on road may help you get boosted morally but it is only you who have to plunge into the sea of fear and make it happen for you with help of certain preparations on road. Even then if you are scared then there are few smart tips that could make you more confident before you start your trip. How you prepare for the trip plays a great role in deciding on the success of it. Here in this article, you would come across few really helpful tips that would help you make your trip complete in a very convenient and comfortable manner wherever you may be heading towards.

Gear Consideration

Suitable backpack: The first and foremost thing that you need a sincere consideration is your backpack. A rucksack is preferred over a conventional bag by many serious trekkers as because it is very annoying to drag a trolley in any place other than the polished airport floors. You would always need to keep in mind that a backpack weighing more than 70 liter would not only give you a backache but also create an impact on your trip.

Camping & hiking gear: Make sure your rucksack is not filled with unnecessary items other than your tent gears, sleeping bag and pad, stove and water filter and you should also be handy in using them. You should also not forget to carry repair items for all these camping and hiking gears as you never know when you may need them.

Clothing and footwear: Make sure to carry clothes and footwear matching and suitable for the destination and the weather. To avoid unwanted yeast and urinary tract infections female travellers are particularly advised to carry quick drying underwear. You should be carrying perfect fit boots to have most comfortable walk in your trip.

Hygiene goods: Abreast of hand wash, sanitizer and personal wipes there are special hygiene gears that a female traveller may need on a trip. Female travellers may have to travel even in those tough days, so carrying sanitary supplies in special dry packs available in travellers backpack is utmost necessary. There are also separate sealed waste packs in backpacks. Pee funnel prove to be handy when you are backpacking in cold or rainy weather. Many female travellers also feel comfortable using a Pee rag while trekking.

Safety items: Safety is an essential consideration when you are out of your home on the road backpacking with your gang of girls. Safety items like safety whistle bear spray and a personal locator beacon that would help you in providing location and directions when you are traveling to remote destinations. Keeping these things handy in your backpack can give you a safer trip in many situations.

Mental Preparation

When you are backpacking to some unknown destination you must have proper knowledge about the place which would act as your power on road.

Human encounters: While you are camping you would be coming across many unwanted acquaintances that you may not like. Just avoid them and be confident that you are not bound to answer every question to them. Carrying a large fixed-blade or a holstered knife in a convenient position in your belt may prove helpful to combat unwanted encounters. Whenever you are in need never hesitate to blow the safety whistle.

Animal encounters: Animals may be other beings that may be risky on your trip. So you need to be able to use bear-proof methods to protect yourself when you are trekking in any bear territory with your girl’s gang. Never forget to hike in a group to avoid bear attacks which especially occur when you are alone. For smaller hazards like a snake and poisonous insects a sincere awareness about the species and how to prevent you from one such would be enough to deal with them.

Getting lost or injured: Getting lost in a location is a very common problem faced when you are on trekking to an unknown location. You must be aware of how to use topo map, compass, and GPS in finding out way in the difficult situation. When you are planning for your backpack well ahead, you should have well research on escape routes to human civilization when you might have to cut your route short due to any unwanted situation. You may also find it easier to get a help when you are traveling on a well-travelled trail.

Loneliness: When you are all alone in your backpacking trip it could proof to be highly empowering as you would learn to manage things in critical and adverse conditions by your own. When you are about to trek in a group you must be very choosy in selecting the group from your acquaintances as that would be good enough to create a compatibility factor among you and your co-traveller which is very much needed. If your route allows a dog, no other companion could be as best as it when you are trekking in the hectic destination.

Physical Preparation

It is very crucial to understand the health condition before taking up any critical trip even with your girl’s gang. Fitness level should be checked thoroughly for severe and extreme condition trips like one as the Badrinath Trek. Spending number of days with a backpack weighing more than 30 pounds up & down can be highly challenging in a number of ways. A sound cardiovascular health is required when you are trekking to critical destinations. Always keep in mind to conduct pre-trip training sessions including; Cardio Workouts like cycling, hiking etc. Training hikes with a weighty backpack, stamina-building workouts, resistance building workouts for strength and stability. Short trips of few days may help a lot before finally setting out for the voyage.

Things you generally don’t need to carry

  • Mosquito nets are already available to destinations where they are actually needed, so carrying one with you is unnecessary stacking up of your backpack with unwanted stuff.

  • Thieves those who target your wallet know where to find them in your money belts so, it’s useless in carrying one. Rather it’s good to carry a dummy wallet filled with some cancelled cards and the money to be carried in shoes, socks and inside the bra.

  • In most places, you may not find sidewalks to drag your suitcase comfortably, so it is better not to carry a suitcase which is annoying in many countries.

  • Wearing or carrying jewellery while traveling or trekking is a strict no as this exhibit a ‘rob me’ sign in many countries.

  • There are several most essential things to list in your checklist are a travel guide, a dictionary, earphones, earplugs, chargers for all electronic items, camera, good music and neck pillow are must for any kind of travel you take up. Coupons

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