There’s tequila, vodka, rum and then there’s Bhaaanng – 3 Simple Bhaang Recipes

March 1, 2015 There’s tequila, vodka, rum and then there’s Bhaaanng – 3 Simple Bhaang Recipes @TheRoyaleIndia 1253 0 0

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How exciting and eventful I feel when the festival of Holi arrives, of course for all obvious reasons! The celebration which is falling on March 6th 2015 this time will surely bring in lots of joyous moments. The Indian spring festival which is celebrated at the approach of Full moon day or vernal equinox (Phalgun poornima) is meant to be a cheerful time and hence colors are involved.

Well, let’s come to our topic for today; that is the significance of Bhaang on this specific day. Apart from the fun element, Bhaang does have a lot of religious importance behind it. So, on account of Holi, we at The Royale have listed down a few Bhaang recipes for you to try out.

Bhaang is basically made up of cannabis plant leaves and serves as an intoxicating ingredient which is generally mixed along with sweets.

1. Here’s how you make a simple Thandai >>

Thandai Bhang @TheRoyaleIndia
  • Take a handful of leaves and dried flower buds of female Cannabis plant leaves (marijuana). Now Use mortar and pestle in order to crush the leaves and buds.

  • Make a fine paste. Next, add milk, ghee, rose water (for aroma) and little bit of spices to this mixture.

  • Now you’re all set with the bhang base ready to be made into a hard drink, Thandai.

  • Your Bhaang Thandai is ready to serve!

2. Rose Almonds Bhaang Thandai >>

Almond Thandai @TheRoyaleIndia
  • In 1-2 litres of water, add half a cup sugar and soak it for like 3 hours. This will be our sugar syrup.

  • Now take a bowl and add cinnamon, rose petals, almonds, watermelon seeds (dried), cardamom power, black pepper and last but not the least, Cannabis leaves.

  • Soak all of it in 1 litre of water. Keep it for 3 hours.

  • Now grind and crush these soaked ingredients into a fine paste. Add spices for taste

  • Now take the sugar syrup, add the paste made and milk.

  • Mix everything till completely dissolved.

  • Refrigerate the mixture for a couple of hours. Serve with dry rose petals and almond chips

Holi Bhaang @TheRoyaleIndia
  1. Well, also if you wish do some variations in the recipe and try out bhaang lassi, just add buttermilk and coconut milk instead of plain milk and your bhaang lassi is ready!

Bhaang @TheRoyaleIndia

Enjoy the upcoming festival with colors and spirit of happiness. Don’t forget to take care of your loved ones in the festive craze. We wish you a very happy and safe Holi!

P.S – Cannabis aka marijuana is a natural drug and might have strong effects if consumed in a higher quantity

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