The Wolf of Wall Street is Wild, Loud and Rich

January 3, 2014 The Wolf of Wall Street @theroyale 657 0 0

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Wall Street, the financial nerve centre of the World! Slightest of activity here affects every life across the globe. Of the numerous movies that are made around Wall Street’s theme The Wolf of Wall Street is by far probably the closest current young finance consultants who are street smart and want to grow big in short time. Leonardo DiCaprio, the Wolf, starts his journey as a stockbroker at an establishment in Wall Street who claws his way around the financial downturn, security frauds, cocaine addiction, loud parties and divorces to make more money.

The movie is loaded many F-word – 506 times to be precise (that’s a world record). So amongst some really intelligent twists and turns be prepared to hear the F-word after every few words. Performances by the entire cast are commendable and DiCaprio definitely overpowers the screen space and brings a different aura to the screen. However, many reviewers have claimed the movie to be misogynist for the fact that DiCaprio’s character liberally indulges in physical relationships all over the place in spite of being married. Overlooking that part the movie brings out the stark reality of the world behind the fancy towering glass buildings of Wall Street.

The reasons for watching this movie are many, primary being for the DiCaprio! It’s the movie where the carefree young blood plots smart and celebrates with grandeur in their quest to become rich, an emotion that each one identifies with.

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