The Wearable Drone Camera – Taking Selfies to the Next Level

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We are all aware of how the selfie has taken people by storm. There are too many people who are busy stealing selfie shots because what is in vogue; stays in vogue. While the selfie storm has left a very deep impact, some people still struggle to take the perfect shot. Have you ever wondered as to what does it take to click the perfect shot?

There is a little bit of systematic effort and you obviously need the perfect gear as well. When you succeed in doing so, you should be able to steal the perfect selfie. However, even after putting in all these efforts, if you still struggle to take that one perfect selfie, you have some really good and exciting news to hear.

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Technology Is Going Places

As there is a lot of improvement coming up every day, Nixie is another brand to have joined the bandwagon. They have come up with an extremely creative idea as they have launched the first wearable and flyable camera. Sounds interesting? Let us dig into the details.

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What Is Drone?

It is basically a wearable camera which will fly off your wrist and turn into a remote operated quadcopter. Once the quadcopter is flying high in the sky, you can use it to take your stylish selfie. The team is still working upon its development and they want to further improvise on the design and make drone; the one of its own kind camera which makes capturing selfie a complete cakewalk.

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Right now, the product is far from complete and the company will have a lot to do before the product becomes worthy for launch. When a product is officially launched, it has to be full of the best features and completely reliable as well.

The company is working round the clock to come up with the winning prototype. It even launched a competition to make this model smooth enough for regular operation. Drone is basically a double wristband and makes use of your command for the sake of un-strapping the band from your wrist. Once the camera has unstrapped, it will then fly in the air and it will be able to click your pictures. As the drone will capture both photos and videos when it is in flight, it will become much easier to get your perfect selfie.

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The Technology Behind The Device

As per sources, Nixie has been using both sensors and motion prediction algorithms. The device also offers 360 degree panorama and comes with different kind of modes which will allow you to capture pictures from a lot of different angles.

Currently, one cannot be sure as to whether Nixie is capable of locating you in a crowd and these are places where you can hop to find some modifications and improvements in times to come. Essentially the product is so designed that you will be able to let it loose with your command and after it has snapped your picture or even taken a video, it will come back and land on your wrist and work like a bracelet all over again.

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Is It Worth Your Money?

Some people would be skeptical as to whether the product is worth the price or not; however, what you need to know is that this gadget is primarily for all those selfie lovers who are crazy to click the perfect pictures.

Whether or not it is going to be a good enough product to invest in will definitely be a subjective decision which will vary from one person to other. However, the product is likely to be a huge hit among two categories of people. The first one includes those who have a craze for pictures and in particular selfie. The second includes those who have a fetish for technical inventions. If you are crazy for the stuff that rule the world of technology, this product is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Once the entire prototype is designed and it is formally launched, it will definitely catch a lot of eye.

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