The Invasion of the Unusual Pet

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Forget cats. Forget dogs. Forget even rodents like guinea pigs and mice. Here comes the exotic, unusual, and sometimes, downright creepy pets. Gone are the days when people only had a limited option when choosing for an animal friend. Today, in the 21st century, people are not content with merely having a common creature to call their own. From 3 inch long cockroaches to de-smellyfied skunks – everything is available. So stating now, are some of the most unusual and unique, unorthodox and odd ‘pets’ that have ever entered the human sanctuary.


Hippo the ideal choice of an unusual pet @TheRoyaleIndia

The semi-aquatic, mostly herbivore and one of the largest and heaviest terrestrial quadruped mammal, more commonly known as the hippopotamus, or just hippo, is now becoming a choice for many as the ideal pet. This ginormous beast, weighing almost 3 tonnes, is said to have a generally aggressive nature, though the domesticated version is claimed to be sweet, gentle and docile. Well, one still has doubts, but this isn’t stopping people from opting for the hippo. This ‘pet’ is certainly going to raise eyebrows!


Llama – The unusual pet @TheRoyaleIndia

Native to the Chilean country in South America, and widely regarded as cattle, the llama is slowly making its presence felt in the pet territory. The llama has always been, and continues to be, considered as the beast of burden, ever since the Incan times. Well, it seems that the present generation is all set to break the rules! These creatures, which can grow upto 6 feet, are becoming the preferred animal companion for many. Cats and dogs better watch out, the llama is coming…


Skunk is the newcomer in the unusual pet dominion @TheRoyaleIndia

Another newcomer in the pet dominion, is the skunk. Yes, the foul-smelling, monochromatic, skunk. Mostly known for their smelliness, skunks otherwise (allegedly) make wonderful pets. They are friendly, cute, sensitive, intelligent and adoringly curious. Their main problem has been also sorted as their as their scent glands get removed at an early stage, before being sold as pets. As skunks also happen to be quite similar to the common cat or dog, they are becoming quite a common sight. Smelly or not, the skunk is here to stay!


Axolotl although endangered are common as unusual pets around the world @TheRoyaleIndia

The difficult to pronounce axolotl, is another increasingly- common sight in everyday households. The axolotl is actually salamanders whose larvae fail to metamorphose, and hence retain the gills and continue to be aquatic creatures. Also, they are able to regrow most of their parts – a necessity as axolotls have cannibalistic tendencies. A very interesting substitute to the common household goldfish, axolotls, although endangered in the wild, are increasingly being kept as pets around the world.

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach an unusual popular choice for a pet @TheRoyaleIndia

Yup, you read it right : a cockroach. A very big cockroach. This cockroach is about 3 inches long and lives for five long years – which is a very long life as cockroach life-expectancies go (sometimes surprisingly short, when confronted by a slipper). Absolutely hideous, even more so because of its enlarged size, the Madagascar hissing cockroach (you guessed it) also hisses. How anybody could wish a creature such as this as a pet, escapes the mind. And yet, this insect is quickly becoming a popular choice. The world has finally gone completely bonkers!

Some of these ‘pets’ are humongous, others weird, and yet others are downright creepy. And yet, people prefer them to perfectly normal, respectable pets. The main reason why people prefer them, is maybe because of the shocking effect it has on the general population which makes them a sort of a local mini-celebrity. Others people , may just be seekers of the bizarre and having a llama in their house is just another thrill. Whatever the reason, these people have certainly affected others, and the trend of owning the unusual beast continues to grow. Hmm…I’ll rather stick to the ‘boring’ cats and dogs.

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