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Rumours never cease to exist when the world’s largest Android handset maker launches the next best thing in an era where people can’t stay without them. Yes, you guessed it absolutely right. I am talking about Samsung gearing up towards the launch of its flagship S series model with the 5th variant making tidal waves even before its official launch.

The yet to be announced Samsung Galaxy S5 bound to release around mid-March or April in London, as confirmed by the company’s mobile chief, Lee Young Hee is going to be the “Next Big Thing” as the company advertises. The S5 has been rumored to launch in two variants, a metal clad high-end model and a cheaper plastic model. Although the screen is confirmed to sport a 5.25 inch QHD (2,560×1,440) display, it is rumored that the cheap plastic variant would have a normal 1080p display. The display might be a Low Temperature Poly Silicon (LTPS) LCD display made by Sharp, instead of the regular AMOLED which would make the handset have a higher pixel density of 560 pixel per inch (ppi).

Samsung Galaxy S5 Metal Frame @TheRoyaleIndia

According to a report by the South Korean media, the next generation 64-bit Samsung’s Exynos 6 series chipsets will be accompanied by 4GB of RAM. Samsung has been presently working on a new mobile chipset that would use a 20nm manufacturing process, instead of the present 28nm which would offer better performance and efficiency. So we can expect the S5 to use either a 64 bit next generation Exynos 6 series or a Snapdragon 805 chipsets depending on whether its LTE enabled or not and also sport a 3GB or 4GB RAM making it the fastest handset ever.

Rumours are pointing towards a 2900mAh battery, but with a rapid charging technology where the battery can charge from 0-100% in little less than two hours.

Handset makers have been working painstakingly to improve picture quality on their devices and seems like Samsung has come up with a solution that will effectively improve low-light imaging. ISOCELL technology not only allows better low-light photography, while producing images with better color reproduction, sharpness and richness, but also is far effective and efficient as compared to the BSI technology used presently. ISOCELL technology would debut on the rumored 16 megapixel Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung not long ago placed an order for 181 million 16MP camera modules, which make it clear the S5 flagship will sport a 16 megapixel optical image stabilization (OIS) camera, embedded with the ISOCELL Technology.

Samsung UI TouchWiz @TheRoyaleIndia

After the iPhone 5s made with its finger-print unlocking technique, it was expected that other handset makers would indeed follow the same move. Having up the ante, Samsung now plans to launch a variety of features on the Galaxy S5. It would first have an improved Air Gesture and Air View function, thanks to Synaptics Tech, which provides super-sensitive display components to companies like Nokia, which implements a display that can register touch control even from gloved hands. This means that Samsung’s certain functions which allow you to control your handset by hovering your finger over the display would be more effective. Other most awaited function which rumours states is the IRIS Scanner. Speaking to Bloomberg, Lee Young Hee, Samsung’s mobile chief stated, “Many people are fanatical about iris recognition technology,” giving a hint that it could be indeed included on their flagship S5. Another improvement on the device could be the Samsung’s new UI TouchWiz as leaked by @evleaks, which suggests the device is faster by atleast 20% on the new UI.

So let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that the next big thing indeed arrives as the rumours speculate making it the most powerful handset ever built. Of course, it’s too early to pass a judgment while the phone is still not in the sight. But, you can surely expect Samsung to come up with something really cool this time.

Image Source: @evaleaks

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