The Glam Way of Draping a Saree

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The beautiful saree that is the “Aan, Baan and Shaan” of the Indian culture and has been the oldest and perhaps the only unstitched garment that has survived from our glorious past. As the time progressed, it had transformed itself into a sensuous, sensational all-time-wear for women. It has become a nine yard canvas for the artistic weavers and printers who etch their dreams and vision on it and decorate it with weaves, jewels, prints and gold or silver embellishments.

It hasn’t been long since saree was rediscovered as the new nuclear bomb by Bollywood fashion designers. These fashion gurus who are known to establish the new fashion trends accepted the versatility of the saree and the best way to flaunt a figure. The perception towards this incredible flowy garment changed instantly. There are various ways in which the saree can be draped. The best suitable technique to drape a saree can change the look of the saree itself but also of the wearer. A tremendous section of stylists and designers have worked together to create new styling ideas and cloth combination to enhance the beauty of sarees and the wearer alike. The novel combinations of fabric and weaves have created a new love story that has smitten all the saree lovers.

The new draping styles have gradually evolved to suit the needs and demands of the modern Indian women who want the ease of wearing the saree, comfort of carrying it but no compromise on the look they want to achieve. This is their way of hugging their roots and culture and at the same time moving forward towards the future that is theirs.

Today we see, each season come up with a new look and draping style adopted by famous designers or well known Bollywood artists. Bollywood’s love for sarees is well known and widely appreciated. Today the saree can be worn with saree jackets, pants, palazzos or even tank tops. These styles have now stepped down from the silver screens to the streets of India where these styles have been gladly accepted and cherished.

Wearing a saree can make you look formal for an office meeting, sexy for a dinner, traditional and sanskari for the weddings or pujas. One saree but multiple looks. But why wear this versatile cloth in only one way that makes an interesting and expensive saree into a boring piece of cloth. Here you can find some fun and alternative ways to drape your saree as per your mood and occasion. Switch up that traditional look and be the woman of hour, which you are.

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