The Future of Cricket in India

May 14, 2020 21 0 0

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Before diving deep into the topic let’s do a quick recap of what has happened in the past few months. Quarantined because of Covid-19? Check. Lockdown extended? Check. All live sporting events have been canceled or postponed? Check. So where do we stand now? How will this outbreak affect the business part of this glorious sport that we all love? Let’s find out.

 Is the Future Still Bright?

Ofcourse it is, believe it or not but India is the largest cricket market in the world. It is a major part of the holy trinity of topics that you can discuss with anyone which consists of a. Politics b. Bollywood and c. Cricket. You can literally roam on the streets and start talking about cricket with any random person and within a matter of minutes you will find yourself in a pool of crowd discussing, arguing and debating about cricket. We Indians long for cricket and it is a very important part of our lives and culture now so there will be always a room saved for cricket and a humongous room at that.

What’s Next for Us

Right now the situation doesn’t allow us to move out of the houses which is for our good only. Everything is canceled or postponed which is absolutely fine and do you know why? Because our lives depend on it. We don’t want us to get sick, we don’t want our favorite cricketers to get sick now, do we? Of course not. So it’s fine, we have to show a little bit of patience and then everything will be balanced. Events like IPL will start happening again the tickets will go in a jiffy. Yes, once it is announced that it is safe to go out and authorities can resume cricketing events the fans will waste no time to buy or book the tickets for such events. Fans will be flooding from all around the world.

Is that a Good Thing?

Yes, it is a good thing and we should always tend to learn from such circumstances. Sometimes we forget that we should be grateful for everything that we have. Before Covid-19 we were taking a lot of things for granted but now look at us. We are praying to the almighty in all languages to let us out even for a day. To let us go enjoy the small things like playing cricket in the local park with our friends. So it is a good thing, the first match that you’ll attend after the lockdown will be your best live match in ages.

Is there an Alternative?

Well yes, there is and we are so glad that you asked. Now this will come to you as a double surprise. During this outbreak, a number of people are going through scarcity of monetary means by which we mean you are low on cash. Let us introduce you to the world of fantasy cricket. If you don’t know what it means then let us give you a small introduction. As the name suggests it is a form of fantasy sports in which basically you have to make a team of 11 players that too with your knowledge of cricket. If the player scores in a real match you will be awarded points in your fantasy match. If your team wins then you win online cash. In fantasy cricket you compete against a number of people who have also made their teams. So it’s not really hard to play. But you must be wondering that all the matches are canceled how are we supposed to make our teams? Well, BalleBaazi which is one of the leading fantasy sports apps in India has organised a virtual tournament similar to IPL and it’s called BalleBaazi Fantasy League or BFL for short. You can take part in all the matches for free of cost and learn the ins and outs of fantasy cricket and improve yourself daily while earning real cash online.

If you want to dabble in the world of fantasy sports then BalleBaazi is the best way to do it. You can win free tickets from the weekly contests. You can use BalleBaazi Codes and get up to 100% Bonus. BalleBaazi has been chosen the best fantasy sports app in India by the 3 million plus user base that they have and this user base is growing rapidly. If you should do it, then do it with BalleBaazi.

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