The Dos and Don’ts of Body Hair Removal

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Whether a boy or a girl, a human or a werewolf, we have all had our worst days with hair removal.(Werewolves, worse than us, for obvious reasons!) We all choose various methods of hair removal. Some wax, some shave, some use hair removal creams and some flaunt their natural gift with utmost pride(That ‘were the wolves’). 

Now the best thing about hair is that it comes back again and again. If you don’t sense my sarcasm here, I don’t know what you do! It’s that part of you which will never die, even when you die, literally. So, hair removal is a lifelong task.

So, let’s look at a few things to take care while performing this never-ending task, shall we?

Shaving/electric hair remover: (n) the action of shaving

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Clearly, shaving is the action of shaving. Many people prefer shaving as it is the easiest of all. No hassles, no long hours. 

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Things to be taken care of:

1. Use a shaving cream/bathing gel to smoothen the skin before shaving to avoid a rough and dry skin later.

2. Take care of the direction of shaving. Don’t just shave in any direction, as that will only confuse your body hair.

3. Do not use rusted blades. It is clearly not skin-friendly.

4. Use a body lotion/ cream after the shave. Nourish your skin a little!

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Waxing: Waxing is the act of removal of hair by means of causing terrible amounts of pain, infusing anger.

Now that is a sentence that defines waxing more than any definition. Waxing is a painfully tedious process. Not only is it very time-taking, but also hurts A LOT. And still, it is one of the most preferred methods of hair removal. That’s because over time, the hair growth slows down (a little) and the skin feels fresh. Also, it is one method to shoo away the dead skin cells.

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Things to take care of:

1. Do not use too hot a hot wax. It burns the skin, obviously!

2. Make sure to wax in the right direction. You do not want your hair to be confused about its growth the next time.

3. Use powder to get a grip on the wax strip.

4. Do not wax on the same area more than thrice. It will just hurt more.

5. After waxing, use an astringent.

6. DO NOT bleach immediately after waxing.

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Hair removal cream: Not one of my favourite methods of hair removal. Reason being, the skin darkens over a period of time. But you know, the “poky poky” hair problem is eliminated.

Things to take care of:

1. Do not apply it over any burns, cuts or rashes.

2. Make sure to clean your skin well before application of the creams

3. Be sure to check the expiry dates

4. Always perform a spot test before switching brands and types.

5. Never rub the cream on your body. Just apply it over the desired area.

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So, that’s about it and you’re good to go. Flaunt your body like it’s nobody’s business! 🙂

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