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Sumita Chakraborty spotlights actors who have boldly stepped into domains older actors never went – the bold world of edgy endorsements.

Times sure have changed… At one point in the ‘80s, when an actor was offered a huge endorsement deal for an innerwear brand, she was shell shocked! Not only did she rudely show the door to the poor brand, she refused to ever meet them again. But these days, actors have literally come of out of the closet. Not only do they very readily endorse inner wear brands – all topnotch actors including Saif Ali Khan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn are endorsing them rather proudly – actors have now gone one level better and bigger. They are now boldly endorsing ads that are catching the eye like never before.

Way back it started with supermodels Madhu Sapre and Milind Soman who very proudly modeled for Tuff shoes in the nude. This grabbed eyeballs and also landed them in a lot of soup as many so-called protectors of society slapped a case of vulgarity on them. But that really didn’t deter these bold supermodels, they went on to do better ads and bigger projects.

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Again not too many people perhaps remember another super bold ad of Bipasha basu and Dino Morea for an innerwear brand called Calida. Dino supposedly got Bipasha’s innerwear off with his teeth. This actually sparked off many a controversy then. And Bipasha and Dino went on to become noted actors.

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Actor Pooja Bedi, fresh from the success of her debut film ‘Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar’ with the charismatic Aamir Khan and her path-breaking song ‘pehla nasha’ which is popular even today, decided to shock Tinsel town by endorsing ‘Kamasutra condoms’. “Bollywood was shocked! They said I was too bold and gave me the title of a sex symbol. Strangely enough I started getting roles of ‘a vamp’ or ‘the other woman’ after that!” she averred.

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But prudity is now passé. When adult film actress Sunny Leone jumped into the Bollywood fray by debuting in ‘Jism2’ for maverick director Pooja Bhatt, she played a porn star in the film. And even before anybody could judge her, she endorsed ‘Manforce condoms and did some super bold ads for it. The ads were suggestive and extremely bold in content. Not content with the straight-laced frowning, she jumped in to do a video on anti-smoking. The content was edgy – in the video, she was married to a chain smoker and it was their suhaag raat and the poor dulha who was cigarette ridden, before he could even touch his bombshell wife played by Sunny, breathed his last – the message was loud and clear.

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Don’t smoke and jeopardize your life – absolutely cutting, bold and sassy – and Sunny Leone received kudos from all stratas of society for doing this daring social video.

Not too far away, another edgy actor thumbed his nose at prude naysayers. Yes, we are talking about the full of beans Ranveer Singh who had not only proudly endorsed the condom brand ’Durex’ but he has now come out with a sensational ad for Durex jeans which supposedly is not really jeans but another condom range. The tagline of his ad is super clever and has got a high five from the denim GenY. It said the guys who refused to pass on your genes, is now out to get your jeans. Clever marketing strategy which has grabbed eyeballs and has got a huge yay from the tinder gen. By the way, Ranveer himself proudly tweets these bold taglines for the brands. And his huge fan following do the same.

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The ‘Queen’ of Bollywood Kangana Ranaut may show off her bold persona today with her sensational quotes but not too many people know that she was her bold and wild self right from the beginning. Way back, she did a Levis ad which had a tagline ‘Stuck On You’ where she was atop the back of a shirtless model. Perhaps that spawned an entire revolution inside her at that time to mould Kangana to become what she is today.

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The bold and the beautiful Radhika Apte is also one actor who is perhaps rather understated. She does sensational roles which catch the eye of the storm but because she is not very media savvy, she is not termed as Bollywood’s boldest best. But she too has done the very edgy ad of ‘Anouk’ which talks about workplace bias towards pregnant women. Tagged as ‘Bold is Beautiful’, this ad is of the ethnic segment of Myntra, ‘Anouk’. Extremely hard-hitting and smart, it works like magic in terms of its social message which is simple – it is a myth that pregnant women are less efficient. Absolutely amazing and effective!

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True, gone are the days when actors were shy about endorsing a bold theme or a concept. The new Gen of actors are super cool and love to experiment. And given the right concept, they jump into the brand wagon to endorse the bold and the best. Three cheers to them!

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