The Best iPhone Apps for Babies and Toddlers

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Toddlers tire you out with their effervescent energy, curiosity about everything around and habit of poking anything that comes their way. An excellent way to channelise this vigour while teaching them something news is settling them down with some friendly baby toys or educational apps on your phone. With the kind of attention span these tots have, you’ll not have to worry about them getting addicted to it, either. So here are the fun apps for your babies:

Baby Sign ASL

Baby Sign ASL iPhone app for kids @TheRoyaleIndia

This iPhone app has more than 200 American Sign Language for baby signs. The app is one of the best references for parents to communicate and connect with their kids. A recent study has revealed that on an average, babies learn to sign more than 50 words by the age of two and this app makes it fun to teach them new words.


Tozzle toddler's favourite puzzle app @TheRoyaleIndia

Tozzle is surely a toddler’s favourite puzzle. The smartphone application keeps your child entertained and helps him in learning shape recognition as well as motor activity. The fact that it comes with awesome sound effects improves eye, ear and hand co-ordination of your tot.

Parents Flash Cards

Parents Flash Cards app for the family @TheRoyaleIndia

Parents Flash Cards offers entertainment to moms, dads and kids alike. The complete family stimulate learning with this smartphone app. The Parents Flash Cards application comes with different packs like colours, letters, numbers and shapes. All packs contain multiple game types such as quizzes, flashcards and tracing. The app is perfect for a baby, a pre-schooler and even a toddler. Your kids will love the quizzes and visuals and sounds rewards that come with the correct answers.

Toddler Teasers Quizzing

Toddler Teaser Quizzing iPhone App @TheRoyaleIndia

This smartphone app offers four quizzes and tests your preschool-age kids on letters, colours, shapes and numbers. The Toddler Teasers Quizzing game is different every time you play and as and when your child progresses. With every possible correct answer the levels get harder. Your toddler will learn a great deal from this app and will be provided hours of entertainment.

Learn To Talk

Learn to Talk iPhone app for Babies and Toddlers @TheRoyaleIndia

The app Learn to Talk uses flash cards and helps in facilitating language development in 1-3 years old children. The application uses both sound and sight to teach toddlers early language skills and basic vocabulary. You child will love going through the cards of this app, which is a great educational tool.

Please Note:

When you get an app for your toddler, ensure that the app offers a proper combination of education and entertainment. You need to check that the app is developed appropriately for your child as each baby has different needs and capabilities.

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