The All You Need Guide to Plan your BIG Annual Holiday Smartly

March 14, 2014 The All You Need Guide to Plan your BIG Annual Holiday Smartly @TheRoyaleIndia 705 0 0

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Have you been slogging it out all year long just so that you can reach the moment when a big holiday awaits you? Join the club. But here’s the catch, a moment so cherished can go horribly awry if not planned properly. The best part is that you do have the power to ensure that your holiday goes well and as planned. Just adhere to a few pointers and plan your vacation along these perimeters. The rest will fall in place automatically and soon you’ll be telling tales of your fabulous annual holiday to one and all!

1. Break down your Budget

The first and most important thing to do is freeze on your budget and then break it down. Allot a portion of it for various things and then see if you need to add or subtract a few zeroes to the estimated number. Make categories like flight rates, hotel charges, sightseeing and see how much money you think each category will take up. Make sure you have set aside a budget for shopping, gifts and miscellaneous activities too. It’s better to be prepared than to be taken by surprise.

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2. Dates

Once you have your budget decided upon, figure out which time of the year you want to take off. Then match the season in your desired destination to your vacation months and see if it works for you. For instance, most parts of Europe have severe winters during October to March. This is a time that is avoided by most tourists who want to enjoy the outdoors but if you are keen on snow and extreme temperatures then these months will be like heaven for you.

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3. Choose location based on what you want to do.

Hills, adventure, relaxation, spa, sports, exotica… what is it that you are really excited about? Of course, you can avail of a little of everything in all destinations but it would be nice to go to a destination that is famous for one thing above the rest. Thailand and Indonesia are great for water sports enthusiasts and inexpensive massages. Greece is all about the serene views and parties. Maldives is for those who like infinite luxury. So on and so forth…

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4. Research

One can’t emphasise enough on the importance of adequate research. Search the web for as much as information as you can about the destination you finally locked upon. Even the tiniest detail matters so look for info on the weather, what kind of clothes to wear, things to be aware of, nightlife… anything and everything. Not many know that restaurants in Ao Nang (Krabi) don’t serve food after 10 pm or that eating in a metro in Singapore is a punishable offense. And that’s where the research comes in handy!

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5. Pack Right and Light

Research has a big role to play in nailing the packing as well. Many people make the mistake of packing to the hilt and don’t leave any room to fit things picked up while on the holiday. This leads to excess baggage and you’ll unnecessarily end up shelling out a lot of money to bring home the extra luggage. Pack smart — a variety of tees and scarves to go with a few jeans and skirts, so you can mix and match and create new looks for all your pictures, is a good start.

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