5 Delightful Teas From Teabox You Must Try!!!

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I have abhorred the typical daily rituals of tea for as long as I can remember. Somehow the brown shade and the aroma of cardamom, clove and ginger never really appealed to me, although my protest was never public. When you have the platter of great Indian cuisine waiting to take a dive in your mouth, why will you actually protest? However, in my late teens the intervention of internet made me aware of the exotic and highly expensive tea blends. Recently I came across a new online tea brand TeaBox. Highly recommended for all tea fanatics!!! Below is the review of five teas.

1. Castleton Moonlight Summer Darjeeling White

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Aroma: Lily Orange Blossom

Palate: Lily Orange Blossom

Caffeine Level: Low

Steeping Time: 5 minutes

I like to have a cup of Castleton Moonlight Summer Darjeeling White when I reach my office after battling the traffic en route or probably after my boss has laden me with too much of work. The fresh citrus flavour and floral aroma calms you down. The nuances of orange blossom, lily and orchid will amp you up for whatever your karma is to offer that day.

Add-ons: No Add-ons required

2. Jungpana Exotic Summer Darjeeling Muscatel Black

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Aroma: Grape Stone Fruits

Palate: White Rose Caramelised Fruit

Caffeine Level: Medium

Steeping Time: 5 minutes

It takes only a few minutes to make a decent cup of Jungpana Exotic Summer Darjeeling Muscatel Black. For a healthier version opt for honey than sugar. This is a classic Darjeeling muscatel featuring an opus of delicious fruity flavours. This is an exotic blend of most vivacious flavours. The caramelised apple and peach gives a unique twist to the usual cup of tea. The after taste is impressively sweet. With each sip you will lose yourself to white rose and honey. Tea box claims it to be a delicacy and am sure it is.

Add-ons: Sugar/Honey

3. Halmari Special Summer Assam Black

Tea Box Teas Reviews @TheRoyaleIndia

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Aroma: Malt, Dates and Grape

Palate: Malt, Dates and Hazelnut

Caffeine Level: High

Steeping Time: 5 minutes

Yes the brown tea! I still stay away from it. Therefore my tea-addict mother had to taste it. The palate profile is of malt, dates and grapes. Acclaimed to be the finest tea from the tea gardens of Assam, it is rich, sweet and brisk. Mix it with milk and honey. The aroma will charge you and the after note of the tea entice you for one more cup. Well, my mom calls it “a cup of joy”.

Add-ons: Milk, Sugar/Honey

4. Singbulli Exotic Spring Darjeeling Flowery Oolong

Tea Box Tea Reviews @TheRoyaleIndia

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Aroma: Cut Grass Spring Flowers

Palate: Citrus Spring Flower

Caffeine Level: Medium

Steeping Time: 5 minutes

I have a fascination for oolong teas. They aid in boosting the metabolism rate and add glow to your skin. Refreshing and delectable, you can appreciate it’s freshness at any point of the day.

Add-ons: Sugar

5. Ilam Classic Summer Nepal Green

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Aroma: Charcoal Smoked Greens

Palate: Sweet Herbal

Caffeine Level: Medium

Steeping Time: 3 minutes

Marked by smoky tones and sweet taste, it reminded me of the long summer strolls in the woods. The hints of wood and brisk flavours will melt the heart of all nature lovers. It was my favourite and I just went with lemon juice. The concoction seems to rock me from inside for good. The tea leaves are hand-picked from Nepal. It very well pleases you with the subtle flavours and aroma.

Add-ons: Lemon, Sugar/Honey

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