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My body is my journal and my tattoos are my story’, what best can describe this palpable form of art. A Euro-Asian practice, the history of tattoo can be traced back into the Neolithic Era.

Like any other form of art, tattoo has also gone under variations in their forms, styles and permanency over the centuries. Ideally a ‘real’ tattoo ink claims a permanent mark in any voluntary place on your body promising to stay there forever, but over the time people demand variations. Sometimes you do not wish to commit to one expression of embodiment and hence now there are three different forms of tattoos; permanent tattoo, semi-permanent tattoo and non-permanent tattoo.

One kind of non-permanent tattoo is the bling tattoo. Not everyone’s definition of accessory is metal so we can replace the metal to metallic tattoos. These fashion stamps come in many variations and are fascinating to accessorize.

Flash tattoo @TheRoyaleIndia

The current trending temporary tattoos are the flash tattoo sheets, which are jewellery inspired tattoo lasting for around 4 to 5 days.

Metallic tattoos @TheRoyaleIndia

Metallic tattoos are basically temporary tattoos made in silver, gold, black foil or combination of all the three. There are various kinds of metallic tattoos available in the market. These tattoos are very intricate and bohemian. The definition of lines and contours are very fine and looks exotic. Best place to wear them is on your vacation to the beach or a party in the night or a fun outing.

golden tattoo @TheRoyaleIndia

These tattoos designs are so much fun to paste on your body keeping in mind their designs are very interesting. Metallic tattoo was made famous by none other than Dior, launching its limited edition Les Ors De Peau which is golden temporary tattoo made using 24-carrat gold leafing.

Following suit many companies came up with metallic tattoo sheets in shapes of bracelet, feather, miniature leaves, multiple chains and many other African inspired art. The famous Victoria Secret model Alessandra was also seen showing-off her bling.

metallic tattoos in shape with the feather bracelet @TheRoyaleIndia

If your color palette is more towards ‘vibgyor’ then we have good news for you. Glitter tattoos are a great option for a temporary tattoo and they are not anymore only for kids. These tattoos are basically a combination of safe glue and glitter. Glitter tattoos are a fun concept and you can just have one small patch work of art and air brush it with colorful glitters and you are sorted. You can also customize your own glitter tattoo by adding crystals to it for that extra shine.

Well these tattoos do look tempting and the best thing about them are that you can change your design depending on the occasion or your mood but we need to keep in mind the safety of applying these tattoos. Temporary tattoo may not be suitable for every body type hence try to tattoo a small portion of your body and see if there are any reactions or allergies. Also while indulging in buying these tattoos, make sure you pick up from a good quality brand which has prescribed important precautions to be taken.

Rest assured with this super fashionable bling you surely going to make eyes turn and not just once!

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