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5 vital tips to protect your cameras and lenses during Monsoon

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Rainy days are certainly not the days to avoid, if you were a photographer. As a photographer, you get to see the most unseen visuals on the rainy day. Visualize this: a girl with a red umbrella walking alone on the road and it is raining. You wish to miss this? Nope.

In fact, there are photographers who create artificial rain to capture their imaginations. When artificial rain (shower) is created, the photographer stays in a safe zone, shooting. But in real time, the photographer has to risk his gear. Not to worry, we will be looking at various options to safeguard your camera and lenses during a rainy day.

So what do we do on a rainy day?

A rainy day can get worse if you are not prepared well. Your expensive kit may stop working suddenly, perhaps, a few days later when you are actually shooting some high portfolio. Embarrassment would be an understatement. You lose business, which you cannot afford.

Keeping your kit safe during rain is actually not rocket science. It is very simple. Let us now, look how we adapt our techniques to keep our camera and lenses safe.

Raincoat and an Umbrella

photographer with rain protection gear @TheRoyaleIndia

image source : kenrockwell.com

We’ve been using raincoats and umbrellas since our childhood. Aren’t we? We will continue to use them now, perhaps with some changes. A good camera bag comes with a raincoat. Always put on the raincoat for the camera bag before leaving your place for a shoot. It is better to put on the raincoat immediately if you foresee a rain.

camera bag with raincover @TheRoyaleIndia

image source : aliexpress.com

If your camera bag doesn’t come with a raincoat, use an umbrella. Now, if you have left your house when it is sunny and you have nothing to cover your camera bag, just try to cover with something you have, a jacket or maybe with yourself.

Try to take cover as soon as possible in a near restaurant or a shop. Most cameras and lenses are built to fight water accidents to an extent. Reading manuals can help to understand their threshold levels.

But hold on, it doesn’t mean that you can let your camera or lens to fight the rain, if you have a better option to cover them.

Rain Covers / Rain Sleeves

camera with rain cover @TheRoyaleIndia

image source : techhive.com

We have rain covers and sleeves for most of the cameras available in the market. It is advised to buy one for your kit. They are also available on Amazon and are not expensive. But if you don’t have one, DIY also helps. Take a transparent plastic bag to cover your camera and then use rubber bands to fasten them. Waterproof cameras are also available in the market.

Consider using a water proof camera when you have to shoot wild during the rains. Always use lens hoods at the time of rain. It prevents the rain directly hitting your camera lens. A good shot sometimes is saved by a lens hood.

Other Suggestions

silica gel packets for lens protection @TheRoyaleIndia

image source : photo.net

It is advised not to change the lens when you are shooting in rain. Plan before you go for a shoot and stick on to one lens for the entire shoot. If you really need to change the lens, take cover. Go to some safe zone and change the lens.

Have some silica gel packs in your backpack. It helps in absorbing the moisture. The silica gel bags must be replaced at regular intervals. They are also available at a very low cost online.

What happens if water gets into the lens?

lens with mould formation @TheRoyaleIndia

image source : eolake.blogspot.in

If by any chance, water enters the lenses and the sensors within it then mold can grow within it. This mold formation ruins the image and particles can stuck onto the internal sensor developing spots in the photographs.

To avoid the mold formation, you should wrap the lens after use for some time and then place it a warm area. Also, remember to remove the memory card for copying and charge the batteries as soon as can, once you are in a dry area indoors.

Final Word

As I told you earlier, keeping your camera and the kit safe on a rainy day is not rocket science. It’s pretty simple too. Trust me, rain is beautiful ….enjoy it

As mentioned earlier, it is not a rocket science to keep your kit safe on a rainy day. We just saw how we simple it is to take care of cameras and their lenses. Didn’t we? Trust me, rain is beautiful. Embrace it.

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