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7 Incredible Features of Android Nougat That Make It A Worthy Treat

And you thought ‘N’ stands for Nutella? Well, so did we. While everyone expected the next Android version to be a sweet chocolaty treat, Google picked ‘Nougat’ as the name for its upcoming Android version. Now, if you are a Nutella lover just like me, you would probably be

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9 Incredible Things You Probably Don’t Know About WhatsApp?

While you are walking down the street, you see a man standing at a corner continuously gazing at his phone with his fingers moving fast across the display. Guess what? He’s most likely chatting on WhatsApp. So, whenever you are busy typing on your phone and someone

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Asus Zenbook 3 @TheRoyaleIndia

ASUS ZenBook 3 – A Serious Competitor To Apple Macbook

In case you were trying hard to find a laptop that’s much lighter, thinner, and probably more powerful than a Macbook, your search will finally come to an end with the latest Asus Zenbook. ASUS, at the recently held Zenvolution event, unveiled the ZenBook 3, a laptop

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Windows 10 Fingerprint scanner @TheRoyaleIndia

Windows 10 Mobile Latest Update To Enhance Security By Introducing Fingerprint Reader Support

Microsoft will soon be releasing the Windows 10 Anniversary update for both desktops and phones. Interestingly, this update will bring the most anticipated Fingerprint Reader support to handsets running on the Windows 10.

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Amazon Launches It’s Sleekest E-Reader: The Kindle Oasis

As far as handheld devices go, the e-book reader has had its fair share of supporters as well as detractors. Some say reading on an electronic screen takes away the joy of reading an actual book. But, there is no denying the fact that an electronic reading device has far more

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Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 @TheRoyaleIndia

4 Hottest Gadgets from Lenovo

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, Lenovo announced the Yoga 3 with a 11-inch and a 14-inch display options. Loaded with Microsoft Windows 8.1, both variants are powered by a 5th generation Intel processor.

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Technology Highlights 2014 @TheRoyaleIndia

A Recap of the 8 Tech Innovations of 2014

Technology revolution reached newer heights in 2014 as we saw the advent of various innovative technologies like smartwatches and fitness bands. The year also promised us of a few bizarre innovations, one of them being “urine that could be used as fuel” somewhere in the near future.

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Samsung recently launched its new Galaxy Note Edge at the official price of Rs. 64,900. The Smartphone comes with a special curved-screen feature which has really caught the attention of cell phone users worldwide.

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Videocon’s Infinium Z50 Nova Android Smartphone Exclusively Launched In India

Videocon Mobiles recently launched the Infinium Z50 Nova Android Smartphone in India. Running on the latest android Kitkat-version the smartphone is priced at Rs. 5,999. The device is available for purchase exclusively via

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Eye for hair style with Google Glass @TheRoyaleIndia

Hairstyle woes answered

With fashion and technology coming closer every day and with the gap between the two getting blurry, hair care giant L’oreal ’s subsidiary Matrix and Google Glass have come together for a three part hairstyling tutorial called Matrix Class for Glass.

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