AR and VR Gaming @TheRoyaleIndia

AR and VR Gaming: Welcome to the Future

Mobile games have been a constant source of pleasure to mobile phone users ever since their inception. It was with the development of games on mobile phones that they made the transition from purely functional tools to sources of entertainment and leisure.

August 22, 2017 226 0 0
Acer Swift 7 review @TheRoyaleIndia

Swift 7 – Acer Launches The World’s Sleekest Laptop!

While the world is becoming more and more body-positive every day (or at least we hope it is), we still like our gadgets and devices to be light and thin as ever.

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choosing the right sound system for your car @TheRoyaleIndia

The ABCs of Choosing the Right Sound System for Your Car

Usually in life, your second biggest investment after your home is your car. And well, for some the third investment comes in the form of ‘sound systems for car’. Some, who can afford it, buy one to fulfill their passion while most of us look for sheer functionality.

October 17, 2015 303 0 0
Fitness Gadgets India @TheRoyaleIndia

5 Gadgets That Help You Stay Fit

That feeling when you’ve worked out the whole month but the weighing scale won’t budge! How do you know what works best for you? Running in the morning, or that awkwardly quiet yoga class

July 23, 2015 307 0 0
Technology Highlights 2014 @TheRoyaleIndia

A Recap of the 8 Tech Innovations of 2014

Technology revolution reached newer heights in 2014 as we saw the advent of various innovative technologies like smartwatches and fitness bands. The year also promised us of a few bizarre innovations, one of them being “urine that could be used as fuel” somewhere in the near future.

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google_plus_auto_enhancement_feature @TheRoyaleIndia


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MOM of India creates history @TheRoyaleIndia

MOM of India creates history

Indian Space scientist created history and gave all Indians a reason to be proud on 24th September morning, by successfully getting a spacecraft into the Martian orbit. With this success, India became the first country to enter the Mar’s orbit.

September 24, 2014 204 0 0
cool selfie

Easy to follow tips on how to click the coolest selfie !!

Uploading the coolest of selfie across your social media’s ids has very well become the rage of the town. In the literal sense, selfie means an image of self taken through a smartphone camera and is posted on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

April 5, 2014 250 0 0
frends gold layla headphones @TheRoyaleIndia

Make a statement with Frends gold Layla Headphones

Ladies! Check out the Frends gold Layla Headphones that look and work incredibly well! The US-based brand Frends has redefined the archetypal with its range of high tech accessories inspiredd by vintage jewellery.

April 1, 2014 292 0 0
emPOWERED clutches

emPOWERED – Another leap in wearable tech!

Though not the first brand producing bags with chargers, emPOWERED babies are stylish, made of leather, have 11 different colour variations, can be used as a clutch or a cross body and have ample space!

March 29, 2014 192 0 0