5 Overnight Treks in Maharashtra @TheRoyaleIndia

5 Overnight Treks in Maharashtra

Adventure is what everyone thrives on. Especially after a week full of slouching on the office chairs and breathing in the recycled AC air, the urge to do something exhilarating only becomes stronger.

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one day trekking near mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

5 One-Day Monsoon Trekking Spots in and Around Mumbai

Monsoons are here, and so are scenic views, foggy mountain tops and the sweet scent of fresh soil. At a time when nature is at its best, it would be a shame to leave the raw beauty of mother earth unexplored.

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monsoon getaways near mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

5 Amazing Monsoon Havens around Mumbai!

The season of wanderlust, greenery and garama garam bhajiyas! Like it or not, monsoons are here to bless us with a magical climate and breathtaking views that are too irresistible to miss out on.

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Theme Restaurants in Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

6 Awesome Themed Restaurants in Mumbai

For those of you who easily get bored of the same old mundane restaurants which are no different from any other mundane ones around town, here is a list of the most interestingly designed restaurants (and bars) that you would love to go to only for the sheer ambience that they provide.

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Places Serving Best Cocktails in Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

5 Places In Mumbai That Are A Cocktail Lover’s Paradise

While we all love our straight up hard liquors, a night out is incomplete without sipping on some of those lovely concoctions that not only taste like heaven’s ambrosia but also hit that buzz spot oh so subtly.

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Best Biryani Restaurants In Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

The 7 Heavens Of Biryani in Mumbai

We all know Shah Jahan built the famous Taj mahal in the memory of his late wife Mumtaz mahal; hold on a second, he had three wives, right? So why did he not build any nice mahals for his other two wives?

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Top Seafood Restaurants In Navi Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

7 Restaurants in Navi Mumbai Where You Should ‘SEA’ FOOD

So now that you’ve thanked us to enlighten you all about the ‘Best Seafood Restaurants in Mumbai’, we now give you the top seafood restaurants in Navi Mumbai. The ‘newer’ side of Mumbai has its charm, and so, as a respect to this beautifully planned extension of our favourite city, it’s time to give the Navi Mumbaikars what they deserve, ‘their share of great seafood.’

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Top 6 Sea Food Restaurants in Mumbai @TheRoyaleIndia

6 Restaurants in Mumbai Where You Should ‘SEA FOOD’

There can be tasty meaty days, and there can be healthy vegetarian days. But nothing beats the mother of nutrition and taste, seafood. Belonging to a Konkani family, I’ve practically grown alongside fishes. And never have I given a second thought to eating seafood every single day(not even kidding!)

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mumbai_comic_cons @TheRoyaleIndia

Mumbai Comic Con kick-starts from 19th Dec 2014 – Jive in the world of Cartoons and Comics

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5 Offbeat Weekend Getaway Destinations @TheRoyaleIndia

5 Offbeat Weekend Getaway Destinations

Supposedly, September is the last month of Monsoon in Mumbai, and well October will be an ecstatic month for many indeed, replete with long weekends; one beginning with Gandhi Jayanti and the other with the Diwali Celebrations.

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