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Top 11 Reasons to Sign up for Amazon Prime

May it be for enthusiastically hunting the perfect pair of shoes or passing the time while stuck in traffic with virtual window shopping, e-commerce sites have become an undeniable habit of our everyday existence.

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Pet-Friendly Resorts in India @TheRoyaleIndia

Top 17 Pet-Friendly Resorts in India

Tailed, beaked, finned, winged, shelled, feathered or furred, every pet inadvertently becomes the apple of its owner’s eyes.

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How The Right Way of Couponing Can Help You Save Every Month

High unemployment and even a higher inflation are asking out to cut household expenses and increase savings. You can reduce the use of luxury items and services, but what about your necessities

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Myntra right to fashion sale

Myntra the flagship brand for clothing and accessories is all set to rock on this Independence week with a 3-days sale. The Myntra Right to Fashion Sale is a perfect way to make this Independence Day more colourful and fashionable!

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The Amazon Great Indian Sale @TheRoyaleIndia

The Amazon Great Indian Sale

Amazon Great Indian Sale begins on August 9th, 2017 and is presumed to last until August 12th, 2017. This great sale of Amazon India has some of the big deals on the biggest brands.

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Flipkart The Big Freedom Sale @TheRoyaleIndia

Flipkart: Time to Rejoice the Freedom Sale!

The Big Freedom Sale – August 9th, 2017 to August 11th, 2017

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Loyalty Programs to Attract and Retain Customers

Top 7 Loyalty Programs to Attract and Retain Customers

Loyalty Program is the key to customer happiness. These loyalty programs play a significant role in customer attraction as well as in customer retention. Loyalty Programs are business techniques adopted by retailers to appreciate, reward, connect and retain customers for growth in

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Is it crucial to establish and maintain sound financial credit during your college years?

Stacy Neilson is a student at Iowa State University. She says she has learnt valuable lessons of life from her Mother. She is our 2nd Runner up and has won an amount of $75. Her chosen topic: Is it crucial to establish and maintain sound financial credit during your college years?

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Does online shopping save your time and efforts?

Sabrina Clarken is seventeen years old, and is currently a senior at Ruthven-Ayrshire Community School. In this article she shares her view point on the topic Does online shopping save time and efforts? She is our Runner up and has been awarded $75.

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Describe a time when your mind was changed & why you feel this experience was significant

Sei Sameshima is studying at George Fox University. She was a soccer player and played for Junior Varsity.

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