Remedies for Dry Hair @TheRoyaleIndia

Reduce Dryness of Hair with these Tips

Hair brings beauty to your face but when this hair becomes dry, dull and lifeless your look also turns dull without any reason. Some have dry hair from birth while some encounter dryness of hair due to different lifestyle issues. Hair that loses moisture very fast becomes dry and frizzy

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MakeUp Essentials For Every Occasion @TheRoyaleIndia

MakeUp Essentials For Every Occasion With Nykaa

You want to look your best on every occasion but let’s face it, it’s kind of tough dazzling all the time especially in a place like India where the poor skin faces all kinds of tough conditions including dust and environmental woes. But seems to have come out with a solution for all

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Ombre: The Trendiest Way of Staying Colourful

Though Rose Quartz and Serenity were the Pantone colours of the year, Ombre stole the spotlight and became the biggest trend. Ombre - it’s been a couple of years since this magical word has entered into our lives and made our world more colourful.

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Worst Makeup mistakes @TheRoyaleIndia

Ten makeup mistakes you are probably making without even realising!

Let’s admit it; the desire to look more beautiful is a natural instinct we all are born with. And, one of the best ways to achieve this is by using makeup. Makeup can boost our self-confidence by highlighting our best facial features

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Tips to look fresh at work @TheRoyaleIndia

10 Tips To Help You Look Awake And Fresh In Less Than 10 Minutes

It happens with all of us at least once a week if not more. Our social and professional commitments eat into the time that should have otherwise been spent sleeping.

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How to master No-Makeup Look @TheRoyaleIndia

7 Rules To Nail The ‘No-Makeup’ Makeup Look

Do you love to see your favourite celebrities touting their au natural selfies and feel envious about how perfect they look even with their ‘just woken up from a celestial nap’ look? In reality, they have often spent up to half an hour on a chair getting makeup layered on their face.

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Summer Makeup tips @TheRoyaleIndia

Beat The Summer Heat With These 7 Handy Makeup Tips

Summers here, a time when applying even a little amount of makeup holds the risk of having your face look like a melting ice cream. From a best friend, makeup turns into your worst enemy during summers.

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Waterproof Makeup Essentials @TheRoyaleIndia

Beat the rain while looking good (Waterproof Makeup Essentials)

But what should one do before applying the kohl or the eyeliner or the mascara? You cannot enter office with perfect eyes but streaks of cream on your face like a warrior preparing herself for a war where the foliage and the camouflage are white.

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diy makeup remover @TheRoyaleIndia

3 Easy DIY Makeup Removers with Natural Ingredients

Makeup is one of the most important and useful things in a woman’s life. But this makeup, which we think of as our ally can do us more harm than good if not wiped-out on time. The chemicals our beloved cosmetics contain are quite troublesome for our skin. And so, it’s absolutely essential to rid our skin of all the makeup at the end of each day.

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3 effective ways for acne scar removal @TheRoyaleIndia

3 effective ways for acne scar removal

ACNE SCAR scares the lights out because of the deep mark that it leaves on your mind and personality. Everyone you meet has some sort of unasked suggestions on how to get rid of them,

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