Natural silks found in India @TheRoyaleIndia

Know all about the 4 types of Natural Silks found in India

India is a land of remarkable diversity and heart-warming vivacity. In its mesmerising milieu of clothing styles and colourful attires, the silks of India stand out with their soft textures and aesthetic appeal.

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Flowers for all occasion @TheRoyaleIndia

Flowers for Gifting Purpose: Select the Right one

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9 tips to upgrade wardrobe

9 Tips & Tricks for Men to Upgrade their Wardrobe

Who says that it’s only girls who get crazy about dressing and dressing well? It’s not surprising at all when you come across a guy who is very particular and puts sincere efforts to upgrade his wardrobe. It is no wise choice when being a man you remain casual without any wish to dress

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Vastu Tips for Job Stability @TheRoyaleIndia

13 Vastu Tips for Job Stability

Career is a crucial turning point in every one’s life. Exceptional career is imperative to achieve all your dreams. To succeed in a career is not a cake walk. Amidst all the hard work, efforts and excellent marks, it is extremely hard to find a satisfactory job. Even switching the current job

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Baby Care Essentials

9 Must Have Essentials for Your Baby’s Safe and Happy Childhood

Babies are the most wonderful gift by God. When you have a baby at home you need no other excuse to be happy and gay throughout the day. Your house remains lively throughout the time when you have your baby laughing and giggling at every small thing happening in & around. You

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Tips & Tricks for a Cool Home During Summer @TheRoyaleIndia

Tips & Tricks for a Cool Home During Summer

How cool is it to use eco-friendly, affordable and easy tips to beat the heat off this summer. As we know the Air Coolers do more harm to the environment by emitting Chloro Floro Carbons or CFCs, let us save our environment and energy and keep our home and our family cool and safe from the hazardous chemicals.

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Wear the Right Sunglasses to Take your Style Game to a Whole New Level @TheRoyaleIndia

Wear the Right Sunglasses to Take your Style Game to a Whole New Level!

One of the hippest ways to accessorize your look is by wearing sunglasses. Whether you're dressing up for an outdoor brunch with friends or slipping into something comfy and casual for travelling, an attractive frame can really change your entire look.

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Are you ready for The Summer

Are you ready for The Summer?

Sumita Chakraborty insists this is the right time to tone up and get that fab body for summer. Summer’s ‘round the corner… and these hot, balmy sunny days are the right time to flaunt a wonderful ‘swimsuit ready’ bod. So that you can flash that svelte figure and get the world to

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Woven Pathways to Blissful Dreams @TheRoyaleIndia

Woven Pathways to Blissful Dreams

Ever wonder how the concept of dream catchers came to be? Well, like many of the legends we hear about today, dreamcatchers too are said to be brought by the Native America, or more likely adopted by them through intermarriage.

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How to remove Holi colours @TheRoyaleIndia

Eight Tips To Remove Holi Colours without harming your skin!

The festival of colours is almost upon us! Are you ready to get soaked in Holi colours? While some run away from it, others joyfully celebrate this festival of colours with family and friends.

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