Space saving furniture @TheRoyaleIndia

6 Smart Space Saving Furniture for Your Homes

Space saving furniture looks cool, smart, and artistic and can serve multiple purposes. This singular furniture adds beauty, elegance and occupies less space. Let us take a look at some of such brilliantly designed furniture.

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Tips & Tricks for a Cool Home During Summer @TheRoyaleIndia

Tips & Tricks for a Cool Home During Summer

How cool is it to use eco-friendly, affordable and easy tips to beat the heat off this summer. As we know the Air Coolers do more harm to the environment by emitting Chloro Floro Carbons or CFCs, let us save our environment and energy and keep our home and our family cool and safe from the hazardous chemicals.

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Office Feng shui tips @TheRoyaleIndia

9 Feng Shui Tips to Boost Your Performance And Increase Your Productivity At Work

Feng Shui, being an ancient Chinese practice of arranging physical things to attract Chi (positive energy) can help you achieve a better understanding, equilibrium and balance in your life. Many Feng Shui practitioners believe that placing different objects in a room or

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use your old Kitchen Utensils

10 Creative Ways to Re-Purpose Your Old Kitchen Utensils

Before you throw away that old kettle or soup ladle, you must think of some creative ways to re-use and recycle it. With just a bit of imagination, creativity, and inspiration from this blog, you can give a new purpose to your old and not-in-use kitchen utensils and use them to decorate your home.

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under stairs area


Are you undeniably displeased with the hideous space under your staircase? Do you wish for a bigger house because you don't find enough storage space? The following examples will show you how you can spice up that space under the stairs in a creative way:

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Vastu Tips for Kids’ Room @TheRoyaleIndia

8 Vastu Tips To Help You Shape-Up Your Child’s Future

Kids’ rooms need to be lively and full of warmth. The importance of keeping the right things in the right place is of tremendous importance, and it increases ten folds when it comes to a child’s room. There’s a Science behind choosing the perfect furniture, wall colour, and even

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feng shui gift @TheRoyaleIndia

11 Feng Shui Gifts That Can Do Wonders In The Life Of Your Loved Ones

Whether it’s for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, holidays, festivals, or any other occasion, finding the right piece of gift for the special people around is never an easy task. And when you want to give them something auspicious that could bring good luck, health and wealth

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water saving tips for holi @TheRoyaleIndia


The festival of Holi is round the corner and the environment-conscious monster in you is already sniffing the air for water- wasting mischief makers. This Holi, you can promise yourself that you can enjoy the festival of colours as well as save our precious jal

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vastu for the bedroom @TheRoyaleIndia

Bedroom vastu tips

The world is moving fast, really fast! Unlike the previous generation, the average youth today does not wait until the age of 40 or 50 to build a house, buy a car, or go on a fancy vacation. With the rise of liberal and scientific education, today’s youth has begun to believe in reasons,

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ganpati decoration ideas for home @TheRoyaleIndia

10 Simple Yet Creative Ganpati Decoration Ideas You Should Try This Year

The fun, dance, shlokas, celebration, joy and sweets mark the arrival of Lord Ganesha in our homes. It’s not just the Maharashtrians, but the whole country celebrates the festive occasion of Ganeshotsav with extreme zest.

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