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5 DIY Hair Spa Treatments To Revive Those Lustrous Tresses

Our daily life has become so hectic that it’s difficult to find time for a proper head bath, let alone pay attention to an extensive hair care. Hair being one of the most important features that define a woman’s beauty, it would be criminal to neglect them. Going to expensive

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8 amazing Tips To Trim Away An Additional Chin

From wearing a high-neck dress or a scarf to tilting the head just right while clicking those amazing selfies, we have done it all to hide that additional chin.

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Healthy Living

9 Home Remedies For A Super-Quick Weight Loss

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10 Reasons You Must Eat Dry Fruits Daily

These days every diet specialist recommends the intake of a handful of dry fruits everyday as they can help you stay fit and maintain a good health. These superfoods are packed with monosaturated fatty acids (good fats), vitamins, minerals, fibers and proteins that provide a sustained energy and keep you full for a long time and thus help in weight management.

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Pack These 9 Best Zero-calorie Foods to Work

Did you just reach for that can of Coke Zero? No, friend, that doesn’t work. We’ll tell you what will work – Zero Calorie Foods. If you are now wondering what zero calorie foods are, let us tell you.

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13 Amazing Benefits of ‘The Miracle Fluid’ – Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar literally means “sour wine” in French. Apple Cider Vinegar is proclaimed to be a super fluid that can do absolutely anything. From health to beauty, from cooking to cleaning, this magical liquid is slowly but steadily gaining popularity as people start realizing its value.

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Advantages Of Cinnamon @TheRoyaleIndia

Cinnamon – A spice that heals most common ailments almost magically!

Guess you must have seen tiny roll of wood or tiny chip of wood in your spice rack in the kitchen or in one of the dishes especially pulaos, biryanis and vegetable curries. Well, it is a bark of the cinnamon tree, popularly called as dalchini or darchini in regional languages.

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Dance Away The Excess You

So how does one like becoming healthy? Well humans are programmed to prance around and jump and wave their arms when happy, so why not incorporate it in your workout too? Dancing is fun even if you have two left feet.

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5 Healthy Ready-to-Eat Food Brands in India

In the world food market, India is the second largest food producer and has the capability to easily become number one. With changing lifestyles, increased income brackets, and growing globalization, the eating habits of the Indian majority is changing as well.

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What do your nails tell about your health? @TheRoyaleIndia

What do your nails tell about your health??

Chew, bite, nibble, scratch, itch, protect, play, pick, poke, flaunt …tiny they seem but serve much purpose. Inconspicuous otherwise but in absence, nails are nothing but human claws made up of protein called ‘Keratin’.

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