Mozilla to Launch £15 Smartphones @TheRoyaleIndia

Mozilla to Launch £15 Smartphones For Emerging Markets

February 26, 2014 251 0 0
Maruti Suzuki unveils Celerio @TheRoyaleIndia

What Have You Got To Say About The New Maruti Suzuki Celerio?

February 7, 2014 170 0 0
All That’s Known About The iPhone 6 @TheRoyaleIndia

All That’s Known About The iPhone 6

January 29, 2014 197 0 0
Bowers and Wilkins Limited Edition Headphones @TheRoyaleIndia

Limited Edition Maserati headphones from Bowers & Wilkins

For music lovers, here's a good reason to rejoice! Italian manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins unveils the special edition headphones from Bowers & Wilkins P5 Maserati Edition.

January 28, 2014 283 0 0
crime-fighting-hair clip-with-sensor @TheRoyaleIndia

Crime-fighting Hair-clips for Women

Ever thought a humble hair clip could transform to a crime-fighting gadget for women? Well, a US based couple has designed and developed a sensor based hair clips that works with a mobile app.

January 24, 2014 227 0 0
Heard About the Sony QX100 Camera Module? @TheRoyaleIndia

Heard About the Sony QX100 Camera Module?

January 22, 2014 160 0 0
New Kindle Paperwhite by Amazon @TheRoyaleIndia

Next-gen Amazon Kindle Paperwhite launched in India

Here's a good news for the book-lovers. Amazon has launched its new edition of front-lit e-reader, Kindle Paperwhite, in India.

January 16, 2014 224 0 0
iPhone 5S covers from 'By Atelier' @TheRoyaleIndia

Uber-luxurious iPhone 5S covers from By Atelier

Looking to buy a stylish cover for your iPhone 5S? Why not adorn your prized possession with a brand that is associated with luxury and for its fine craftsmanship? French brand 'By Atelier' has introduced four collections in the phone accessory range, which are designed in Europe and assembled by their in-house artisans.

January 15, 2014 189 0 0
3D printers for Food @TheRoyaleIndia

Create Sweet Treats with 3D Food Printers

Make delectable sugar confections for your loved ones with the help of world's first 3D printers for food, ChefJet.

January 13, 2014 214 0 0
2014 Honda City Diesel Launched @TheRoyaleIndia

2014 Honda City Diesel Unveiled

January 10, 2014 169 0 0