18 healthy ready to eat food brands in india

18 healthy ready to eat food brands in India

Britannia Industries Limited: Britannia, founded in 1892, is the largest producer and seller of biscuit products in India. This company is based in Kolkata, West Bengal and is known as ‘The King of Biscuits'. Britannia company delivers a wide range of food products like Good Day, Britannia

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8 Popular Food Delivery Apps in India @TheRoyaleIndia

8 Popular Food Delivery Apps in India

Feeling lazy at home or had a hard day at work, the one thing that is most desirable is tasty, tempting food right in the front and that too without putting in much effort. There were times when you need to make a call to your favorite restaurant

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Pizza Pot Pie Recipe @TheRoyaleIndia

Give Your Deep-Dish Pizzas A Break With Pizza Pot Pies

Do you love both, pot pie and usual pizza and wonder how you could combine the two? Are you one of those who always wishes to enjoy their Pizzas in a little different way?

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Best theme restaurants in Delhi NCR @TheRoyaleIndia

Ten theme restaurants in Delhi-NCR that can take your gastronomical experience to a whole new level

You can almost always be certain to get good food in any world-class restaurant, but it’s actually the setting and feel of the restaurant, that takes your gastronomical experience to a whole new level.

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Saffron Brulee And Pistachio Shortbread @TheRoyaleIndia

This Diwali, Cook The French Way With Saffron Brulee And Pistachio Shortbread

A lot has changed since the time Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya; colourful lanterns have taken the place of handcrafted diyas, bursting firecrackers have become customary, and traditional Diwali sweets have been replaced by the newer ones.

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2 Must-Try Summery Mango Recipes

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2 Smart Ways To Use Leftover Rice – Leftover Rice Recipes

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Maggi aloo tikki @TheRoyaleIndia

2 Maggi Recipes With An Interesting And Innovative Twist

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3 Low Calorie Energy Bar @TheRoyaleIndia

3-Ingredient Low-Calorie Energy Bar Recipes

With our busy work schedule, it becomes a bit difficult to stick to a healthy diet. I remember the days when I would grab a greasy vada pav, a sinful chocolate brownie or even a cheese-loaded pizza whenever I felt hungry without thinking twice about the ill-effects of junk food.

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5 minute mug cakes @TheRoyaleIndia

Making Cakes Gets Easy With Mug Cakes

Do you love cakes but can’t prepare them often because of the amount of hassle and their size? Then, why not try mug cakes. They are super-quick to prepare and the best part is that they are small (just the size of your regular coffee mug).

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