Makeup Essentials under INR 250 @TheRoyaleIndia

A Guidebook for Makeup Essentials under INR 250

Every woman is beautiful in a unique way. Makeup is just an art to enhance her beauty. Hence, it is apparently a form of creative art that needs some practice to become a pro at it!

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Amazon Fashion Wardrobe Refresh Sale @TheRoyaleIndia

Amazon Fashion Wardrobe Refresh Sale

In its thirty years of business, the behemothic online retailer has decided building a fleet of physical stores. The company has its first bookshop opened in Seattle in 2015 and has made its physical presence felt in many places.

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Diamonds are Forever @TheRoyaleIndia

Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are the precious gemstones known in India roughly about 6000years ago. Diamond is one of the hardest materials of the universe and is used to cut many hard metals.

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10 Must Have Lingerie in a Fashionista’s Wardrobe

Basic tees, floral tops, pencil skirts, and more, you might be aware of the trending attires that would complete your wardrobe, but when it comes to completing your wardrobe with lingerie, then most women often struggle and finding the correct sort as per the latest trends

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take care of your precious leather bags

How to Take Care of your Precious Leather Bags

A leather bag is a dream accessory which every girl wants to have in her wardrobe. And these ritzy bags are just too addictive. You literally need to spend a fortune to own these exquisite leather bags. It is indubitably challenging to maintain this expensive piece of accessory

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6 Best Beauty Gadgets for a Beautiful You

6 Best Beauty Gadgets for a Beautiful You

Beauty gadgets come handy when it’s impossible to squeeze in more time to rush to the beauty parlour. Some of these time-saving gadgets such as Hair Straighteners, Hair curls, Multi Hair stylers, etc.

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Styling tips for a cruise vacation @TheRoyaleIndia

Cruising it right with the right apparel!

Taking a cruise is on almost everybody’s travel bucket list. A cruise offers you a variety of experiences in one go. You can not only indulge in the beauty of the horizon constantly but also explore new cities.

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Latest Fashion from your Favorite Bollywood Stars @TheRoyaleIndia

Celebrity Fashion – Latest Fashion from your Favourite Bollywood Stars

Sumita Chakraborty pinpoints celeb fashion labels that are getting all the hipsters in a stylish tizzy.

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Fashion mistakes that make you look shorter @TheRoyaleIndia

10 fashion mistakes that make you look shorter than you actually are!

First things first: being short is not the end of the world. You can be five feet tall and still look drop-dead-gorgeous. It all depends on the fashion choices you make. You can change your appearance and look taller by making the right fashion choices.

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Affordable Kurta Brands @TheRoyaleIndia

Eight Fashion Brands That Have The Trendiest Kurtas At The Most Reasonable Price

Every woman, irrespective of her age, already has a tonne of kurtas and kurtis in her wardrobe. Given that they are usually our go-to option whenever we feel like wearing ethnics to the office or for any other casual outing or occasion

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