Mythical Heroes and their sons

Indian Mythological Heroes and Their Sons

One would think that divinities would be perfect in their lives and leave nothing to criticism. But we have ample examples of poor fathers from legends and mythology as well. Some of them are depraved enough to be almost unimaginable. They are shown to be as much the slaves to

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Retired Cricketer Current Profession

Retired Cricketers and Their Current Profession

Our world of fantasy remains occupied to a great extent by the celebrities. The celebrity group mainly comprises of the actors and actresses and the sports personalities especially the cricketers. We always remain anxious to know about the personal life about our dream stars and look

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MET Gala Trivia @TheRoyaleIndia

All about the MET Gala 2017 : Trivia, Best Dressed, Worst Dressed and more

Have you been to the MET Gala? Nope, we aren’t asking you that but our bevy of Bollywood beauties are asking each other just that these days. Indeed after the recently concluded MET Gala 2017, the Met gala has become the buzzword in the glamour circuit. And, how! So what exactly is

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Sanjay Dutt and Ranbir kapoor @TheRoyaleIndia

Ranbir Kapoor’s unique transformation into Sanjay Dutt for the film Dutt

Once upon a time, there was a superstar who lived by his rules. He was flamboyant, OTT yet extremely charming. He broke the rules and the law came down on him rather sternly. Today, he’s reformed yet the aura of his strong persona still endears. He is none other than the very loved

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Purchasing a Piano? Check out the Key Things to Consider

Pianos are one of the grandest musical instruments that one can own. Pianos not only have great musical value and add true peace and tranquillity to music but also increase the quality of your singing. Those who have already started learning to play the piano and are on the

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Guitars for Beginners

How to Choose a Guitar: A Beginner’s Guide

The guitar is a star in the music world. In movies, the most romantic characters carry it around with them to win hearts or sing of love and the sorrows of being in love. The flexibility of this chordophone and its range are truly amazing as it deals with the motifs of love, hate, jealousy

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Woman of the house A Tribute to New Age Woman @TheRoyaleIndia

“Woman of the house – A Tribute to New Age Woman”

Sumita Chakraborty revels in the birth of the new ‘woman’ of the house which has heralded a new revolution this decade.

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Movie releasing February 2016 @TheRoyaleIndia

4 Movies to watch out for in February 2016

Any weekend is utterly incomplete without the usual three-hour detoxifier that is the movies. Leaving worldly troubles at home, the average Indian heads over to the local theatre and armed with that buttery box of steaming popcorn,

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Kush movie for Oscar @theroyaleindia

Indian short film Kush among Oscar hopefuls

The year has been terrific for short films and independent ventures. First, accolades poured in for Anurag Kashyap's The Lunchbox, and The Good Road, India's official entry for the Oscars, raked in acclaim after the announcement.

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Review of Gori Tere Pyaar Main @TheRoyaleIndia

Movie Review: Gori Tere Pyaar Mein!

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein! is an upcoming romantic comedy from Dharma Productions. The film witness collaboration of winning combo of director Punit Malhotra and actors Kareena Kapoor, Imran Khan and Shraddha Kapoor (Aashiqui-2 fame) playing a pivotal role.

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