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Play, Win And Save With Couponraja

“Playing online games is a sheer waste of time and energy” is a statement we all have grown up hearing. From teachers to parents everyone warned us against playing online games. But are games really bad at all? Well, maybe our elders were not aware of Play, Win and Save by Couponraja - An utterly fun way to test your luck.

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annual survey online shopping behaviour india @TheRoyaleIndia

Price Comparison Survey

Role of price comparison apps in online and offline shopping

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Predictandwin contest MyCricketLeague @TheRoyaleIndia

Participate in #MyCricketLeague Contest With Couponraja and Win Big this IPL

As the magnificent World Cup 2015 tournament has ended with a bang, Indian T20 league has now begun with a lot of buzz. So, gear up to taste the fun of the game and take part in #MyCricketLeague Content on

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Consumer Behaviour Survey - Online Shopping India @TheRoyaleIndia

Online buying habits of Indian Consumers

Couponraja's 4th annual consumer behaviour survey. Every year through this survey we understand the various e-commerce and shopping trends of Indian consumers.

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#MyRoyalNailfie Contest – It’s all about Nail Art with a Summer Twist @TheRoyaleIndia

#MyRoyaleNailfie Contest – It’s all about Nail Art with a Summer Twist

Inviting one and all to open up their creative channels all the way, this summer week!! How about participating in our #MyRoyalNailfie contest? Sounds interesting? All you got to do is paint your nails or your partner’s, girlfriend’s, boyfriend’s, wife’s, sister’s, brother’s, anyone for that matter. Yes, it is as simple as that.

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#ZorShorSe Contest @TheRoyaleIndia

Cheer your favourite T20 team – Participate in the #ZorShorSe Contest

Now that the World Cup fever is over, it’s time to root for your favorite T20 League team. As the countdown to the T20 fever has begun, you get a chance to win exciting prizes with CouponRaja.

April 2, 2015 189 0 0
Review a Spa Contest Review a Spa Contest @The RoyaleIndia

Review a Spa Contest

Don’t you feel like expressing or sharing your blissful experience every time you take a trip to the spa? Well, here’s a chance to actually review a spa near you that you’ve before or wish to visit anytime soon and get your review published on The Royale!

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Get Ready To Cheer Our Men In Blue To Bring Home The World Cup Trophy!

Cricket is definitely more than just a game for us now. Every Indian has all eyes gazed on their TV screens whenever our team is up against our arch rivals. So, does this define you as well? Are you the most enthusiastic fan who profoundly worships cricket?

February 20, 2015 169 0 0
Valentines Day Contest @TheRoyaleIndia

Participate in #CouponsCupid @ Couponraja for a memorable Valentine’s Day

Well this year, the Cupid has struck albeit a little early :) at CouponRaja and has embedded itself in our exclusive coupons. For those who are looking out for Valentine gifts online, just seize this opportunity to locate the hidden Cupid in them to win gift vouchers too… it’s as simple as that

February 4, 2015 195 0 0
Republic Contest rules @TheRoyaleIndia

Kaho Garv se, Hum hai Hindustani at #CouponRajaHindustani contest

As our Republic Day approaches near, seize this opportunity to express your patriotic zeal by participating in the #CouponRajaHindustani contest. The contest will be held on 22nd and 23rd January 2015 from 12 noon to 3 pm, each day.

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