The Bahubali Craze

The Baahubali Craze: 10 Unknown Facts

Did you know that not only the nation, even globally there is this humungous craze over the blockbuster Baahubali? No wonder, it’s done over 1000 crores business world-wide over, in fact, so much more than any of the Khans put together have managed to achieve. But it is a fact that

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10 Fun Facts about Tubelight

10 Fun Facts about Tubelight

By now, you’ve already viewed the teasers several times and obviously, you think this is definitely going to be another of Salman Khan’s winning blockbusters, right? …Of course, we are talking about the much talked about teaser of Tubelight which stars our desi macho man Salman Khan

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Movies Releasing in the Month of May @TheRoyaleIndia

Movies Releasing in the Month of May

A movie is the father of all entertainments that makes your time fly without your noticing. But it is also a great task to decide the good ones from the bad.

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The Padmavati Jinx @TheRoyaleIndia

The Padmavati Jinx

There have been too many problems on the sets of Padmavati. Sometimes politics mixed with history, other times, it was just destiny playing truant. Sumita Chakraborty finds out the immense feat behind mounting a grand film like Padmavati.

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"Maatr’ is a film that shows reality. It's not a Revenge Film" - Raveena Tondon @TheRoyaleIndia

“Maatr’ is a film that shows reality. It’s not a Revenge Film” – Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon has been amazingly vocal on social issues – whethers it’s about the environment, animals or violence towards women. While promoting her film ‘Maatr’, the gorgeous Raveena Tandon tells Sumita Chakraborty why she’s so passionate about doing films with a social message.

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Baahubali 2: Exclusive IMAX Poster unveiled @TheRoyaleIndia

Baahubali 2: Exclusive IMAX Poster unveiled

Sumita Chakraborty finds out how much blood, sweat and tears the actors put into their characters in the grandiose film ‘Bahubali’.

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Movies to Watch Out for in the Month of April @TheRoyaleIndia

Movies to Watch Out for in the Month of April

Ahoy, movie buffs! Another month has gone by, making us look forward to what the next month is gonna bring (read: movies). With a number of releases lined up starring the best of the actors and being directed and produced by the best too, we can definitely hope something that stays with us long after the 2.5 hours spent in the theatres.

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Top Five Movies to watch out for in the month of March @TheRoyaleIndia

Here’s Are the Top Five Movies to watch out for in the month of March

February was quite a weak month as far as films were concerned. With an exception of Jolly LLB 2 and The Lego Batman, the month did not see any particularly good movies. But there’s always more movies to come if we keep looking ahead.

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Jolly LLB 2 Review @TheRoyaleIndia

Jolly LLB 2 Review – This Time It Is Akshay Kumar In The Black Coat

While the first instalment of the movie features Arshad Warsi as the lead playing a lawyer fighting a hit-and-run case, this time director Subhash Kapoor ropes in Akshay Kumar to take the prime spot.

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Deepika Padukone reveals her beauty and fitness secrets @TheRoyaleIndia

“Czarina of Bollywood – Deepika Padukone opens up : ” I was pretty plump as a kid”

Sumita Chakraborty unplugs fashion icon Deepika Padukone’s incredible beauty and fashion sense.

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